Making a Quick Buck with Fiverr


Make money with fiverrOne of the most common questions that I hear from people, is  – How to make money online without investment?

We all want to start an online business but do not have the investment required to start one. Though most of the GURUS profess that you can start an online business without any investment, this often does not prove to be true. Any and all of the courses that promise you to teach how to make money online without investment asks you to pay for it. Isn’t that called as investment?

It is true that starting any business requires some investment. An online business requires investment in the form of time and some money. This monetary investment is to get your own domain name, hosting plan and some other basic logistics.

But the big question is, how will a newbie fund his new ventures even if this investment is this small. My personal recommendation to anyone starting an alternative source of income is to fund his newly started ventures from “Business Financiers“. You should never divert cash from your existing source of income to your online business.

What are Business Financiers?

There are numerous opportunities out there on the internet which can help you create small sources of income, which can in turn fund your business. The internet is full of such opportunities. Pay-per-post is one such business financier. The income I would generate from paid posts is not too huge. It cannot help me quit my day job. It cannot be called as a full time income source. But the income generated from paid posting can help fund your affiliate marketing business.

Income opportunities like paid posting do not require you to have an established blog. If you blog is relevant and you are ready to write posts for small payments, you can get a lot of paid posting orders.

One other such business financier is Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

You can visit Fiverr at Fiverr is a place where people volunteer to do a variety of activities only for $5.00. You will be surprised at the different things that people are willing to do for $5.00. Some are extremely funny whereas some are very interesting. Some can get you traffic whereas some can get you exposure.

Each such activity that people are willing to do is called a “Gig” in Fiverr’s terminology. When you browse Fiverr you will find a variety of such gigs which could also give you some idea as to what is it that you can do for $5.00.

How can Fiverr help you fund your business? I am sure this is what you are thinking.

All that you need to do is think on what all can you do for $5.00. You would want to write and article or, a pack of articles, or you might want to help design something or, anything on these lines. There are thousands of people out there looking to get things done for as little as possible. People are looking to outsource complicated tasks for the least possible payments. What can be lower than $5.00?

If you volunteer to do something that people are looking out for, you might end up getting quite a few orders. It’s been about 4 months that I joined Fiverr and I have about 10 different gigs that generate about $2500 per month. If you wondering, how is it that I get time to do all this, then that can be the topic of a later post. But the fact of the matter is that Fiverr can help you generate quite a good amount of money. This income can be used to fund you online business.

But even while you do this, I have an advice. Ensure you have a concrete business plan in place before you jump into any business venture.

I have recorded a short video to show you how to join Fiverr and earn money from your Gigs.


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  1. Thanks for explaining Fiverr. It’s a great way to start building cash for investing into one’s own business. I also applaud you for recommending business plan development…essential!
    Arlene, Quick Ways to Make Money Enthusiast

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