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Popup Domination 2.0 review – The Best list building Tool

October 11, 2010

Last Updated on - April 20, 2014  

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popup domination 2.0 review

Do I really need to review Popup Domination 2.0?

If you have just started out on your online business or, blog you would by now have read a thousand blog posts that say that “the Money is in the List”.

If you have still not understood the importance of having a list, then it is time to do that now. I have often seen most newbie marketers selling affiliate products, sending traffic directly to the seller’s website. In doing this they loose valuable stock in terms of the email contacts of the people who they sent there, thus leading to loss of profits.

One of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing is building a list. If you have plans of setting up an online business for a long term, then you need to start building a list right now.

So, what has Popup Domination 2.0 got to do with List Building?

What is Popup Domination?

Popup Domination is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you create optin pop-ups using the light box technology. A light box pop-up is one that stands out from the blog or, website by creating a dark background to the pop-up (You can see that in the video review below). Light box pop-ups have been proven to convert well and bringing it to WordPress was one of the best things that Popup Domination did.

I am not a huge fan of paid plugins for WordPress. This is because you will find almost everything that you need in the free plugin list at WordPress. So when you can get everything for free why would you need a paid plugin?

At times, paid gives you much more features than free. And most of the times just that free features will not be enough and you will need something more. This is where I have a very few preferred paid plugins to use with WordPress. These plugins help me enhance the already excellent features of WordPress and aids me in my online business.

Popup Domination 2.0 Review

The creators of Popup Domination released the version 2.0 of the plugin a few days back. It was some time that I had been using this plugin on a couple of my blogs. A comparison of my optin conversions before and after installing this plugin shows that my optins increased by almost 200%. Before using Popup Domination 2.0, I would normally get about 6-7 optins everyday. Since installing the plugin, my optins have gone up to 14-15 optins everyday.

Light box optins have always seen a high optin and hence the increase in optins was expected. But why Popup Domination scores is because of the ease of implementing it on WordPress.

Popup Domination 2.0 gives you an option of selecting from 7 different templates (it was only 4 in the earlier version). You also get a wide choice of customization features like selecting the color of the background, deciding when to show the pop-up etc.

It does not require you to be an HTML expert. The installation is extremely simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Popup Domination come with free lifetime upgrades. It is priced at $77.00 and is likely to go up. At this price it is a good bargain especially with the kind of increase you will see in your optins.

You can buy Popup Domination 2.0 here.

P.S: Get the “Shopping Cart Plugin” for WordPress that is worth $37.00 absolutely free, if you buy Popup domination 2.0 from the link above.

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