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Top 10 Internet Marketing Podcasts That You Need to Absolutely Listen To Plus 18 More..

February 6, 2016

Last Updated on - June 19, 2021  

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top 10 internet marketing podcasts

Which is the gadget that you spend the most time with?

Funny question, eh? I am sure, your answer would have been – “My Mobile Phone”. If it was not, then you are about 10 years behind.

Mobile phones have taken over the digital world and everybody is adapting to this change. Smart Insights in their post on mobile marketing statistics says that “Mobile media time is greater than Desktop and other media”. And this increased mobile media time is what has made Youtube and Facebook change a lot of rules to suit the mobile phone user. Why stop at these two? Google was clear in emphasizing the importance of mobile friendliness in search engine rankings, when it released this update on April 21st, 2015.

And why shouldn’t they change?

Increased mobile media times means increased mobile ad spends. And this in turn meant higher mobile ad revenues for these social media giants.

The global mobile ad revenue was up by 64% ($31.9 billion) in 2014 as compared to 2013 and was expected to climb further up. ZenithOptimedia projected the mobile ad spends to increase from $50 billion in 2015 to around $114 billion in 2018. But the way things were in the last year, it looks like it will surpass all this estimates.

About 69% of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue comes solely from mobile phones which is almost 16% up from the last year. No wonder Facebook is coming up with more and more advertisement options for mobile phones.

With Facebook and Twitter focusing more on videos and with mobile phone users being the biggest base of mobile video uploaders and viewers, both of these social media giants have fast adapted to accommodate the needs of a mobile phone user.

And all of this shows a clear sign – that mobile phone is where the audience is and if you are not catering to this audience, then you are losing a lot of money.

Podcasting – Content Marketing for Mobile Audience

Podcasting is not a new phenomenon. In fact the first podcast that I listened to was long back in 2009 from Yaro Starak. I am not sure if there were a lot of podcasters around then, especially in the internet marketing world.

What started off as an audio telecast for iPod users, soon took the form of content discourse in an audio format, so that the audience could listen to it anytime they wanted without having to sit in front of a computer. People preferred this medium of learning because of the flexibility and mobility options available with a podcast.

A lot of marketers took to podcasting soon after and it was not long, before podcasting became a huge hit.

But with mobile phones taking over everything from an iPod to Computers and more and more people willing to spend more time on their mobile phones, podcasting soon customized itself for mobile phone users. Numerous services and apps came into the market which made it easier for people to listen to podcasts on their mobile phones.

Getting Started with a Podcast

top internet marketing podcasts

I am a big fan of Pat Flynn and his podcast. I started my internet marketing podcast about 6 months back after taking all the advice from his blog and tutorials and it has been an amazing experience until now. After about 32 episodes I have learnt a lot of things and changed a lot of things in my podcasts.

Until now my podcast has been a solo podcast where I have been sharing tips and tricks on setting up an internet marketing business. But I plan to do some interview as well in due course and I am planning to target internet marketers who are not much of a guru but can share valueable tips for setting up an online business.

If you do not have a podcast but have the confidence in you that you will be able to do it, I would recommend that you start off. It is one of the best methods of content creation and can be an exciting thing to do.

On that point of podcasts being the “best method of content creation“, since the last few months I have moved from reading a lot of blogs to listening to a lot of podcasts, pretty much for the same reason that I just mentioned. Podcasts give me the flexibility to listen to it anytime and anywhere and since I am mostly mobile, all I need to carry is my smartphone and a headset.

In fact listening to podcasts was preferable than reading, at least for me.. because I was able to concentrate better and also digest the content better than reading the same content on a blog post.

So, If you are anything like me, then I am sure you will love this collection of the top 10 internet marketing podcasts that you should absolutely listen to.

I have another 18 of it which as my favorites which are no lesser than the top 10.

Top 10 Internet Marketing Podcasts to Listen to

Before I tell you about these top 10 internet marketing podcasts, let me tell you that I have not put them in any order. In fact these podcasts are so full of value that you cannot even attempt to put them in any order. They deal with a diverse variety of subject and in fact some of them in such detail, that you would not do justice if you were to put it any lower than the others.

So here are the top 10 internet marketing podcasts for you.

Smart Passive Income Podcast – Pat Flynn’s podcast is simply beyond words. Lot of invaluable information for newbies and seasoned marketers, this is an absolutely unmissable (if there is such a term in english) podcast.

Entrepreneur on Fire – John Lee Dumas, the best podcaster I have known. He has a unique style of churning out these podcasts that he speaks about in one of his posts. Lot of good information, packed into his shows.

This is Your Life – Michael Hyatt runs this very interesting show. He organizes his show into seasons, with each season having about 13 episodes. I haven’t seen that style of organizing it, in any other shows. This is a nice podcast that will teach you some interesting leadership tips and tricks. Click here to listen to it

Everything Entrepreneurship Podcast – Hosted by Yaro Starak, the blogging champion, this is probably one of the oldest podcasts and one of the first that I had subscribed to. Subscribe here!

Youpreneur.FM – Chris Ducker is a serial entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. In this podcast, he teaches you everything about being an entrepreneur. From thinking like an entrepreneur to finding success, you get it all in this podcast. Listen to it now.

Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield is the co-author of “Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies”. She know how to run and online business and make money with it. And is precisely what she teaches in this show. Subscribe to it here!

The Tim Ferriss Show – This podcast is run by Tim Ferriss, the best selling author of the “4-hour workweek”. You know what to expect, when it is Tim who is running the show. Everything from motivation to whatever you can think off, this show is not to be missed. Check it out here.

The Indian Startup Show – Neil Patel hosts this show that invites Indian startup entrepreneurs and discusses about their strategies, ideas and a lot of tips on entrepreneurship. You can check it out there.

Duct Tape Marketing – John Jantsch is a small business marketing expert and Duct tape marketing is hosted by him. In this podcast he interviews marketing experts, authors and thought leaders who share their business marketing tips and tricks, resources and more. Subscribe to it here.

The Problogger Podcast – Darren Rowse, the problogger runs this show. Who doesn’t know Darren and his book, “31 Days to Build a better Blog”. If you know him, then I am sure you would know what to expect from Darren in his podcast. Once of the best blogging podcasts around, I have become a fan of his show.

So those were the top 10 internet marketing podcasts that I recommend that you subscribe and listen to.

In addition to these 10 podcasts, the below is a list of another 18 podcasts that I have subscribed to. All of these are extremely informative podcasts that will provide you a lot of value in your internet marketing business.

As told by Nomads – Hosted by Tayo Rockson, this is a podcast with a unique subject. It features interviews with the normal kids who turned out to become entrepreneurs. You are sure to find some valuable learning from this one. Subscribe here.

Mixergy – This is a podcast hosted by Andrew Warner where he interviews successful business founders and thought leaders asking them questions that will give you an insight into planning and implementing your business ideas. Visit here.

Help! My Business Sucks! – This is a nontraditional podcast with host Andrew Lock where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and shows you how to build a successful business. Click here to visit

Edge of the Web Radio – An interview style podcast run by Douglas Karr in which he discusses everything from search engine optimization to social media marketing strategies.  Click here to visit.

The Mind Your Business Podcast – Hosted by Mark Boyd, this is a podcast that talks about everything from PPC to search engines. Check it out here.

Niche Pursuits Podcast – If you are interested in niche blogging, then this podcast hosted by Spencer Haws is a must listen. In this he teaches you how to build niche websites and make money with it. Visit here.

Mad Marketing – The Mad Marketing Podcast with Marcus Sheridan is a podcast where you can get all of your complex questions answered in the simplest possible manner. Visit here.

Marketing Over Coffee – If you want to know what is the latest in marketing, then you shouldn’t miss this podcast hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn. Visit the podcast here.

The True Voice Media Podcast – Hosted by Jeff Gibbard, this podcast is about social media and social business. Some of the episodes were very informative, but the only problem with this podcast is that it is very infrequent. You can check it out here.

SEO 101 – One of the best SEO podcasts, this show is hosted by Ross Dunn and John Carcutt. If you want to learn search engine optimization, then this is the go-to podcast. Click here to visit.

SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing – Hosted by Chris Burres and Charles Lewis, then is amongst the best SEO related podcasts on iTunes. Each episode is packed with a lot of interesting SEO related tips and tricks. Subscribe to it here.

Social Media Marketing – If it is social media, nobody know it better than Michael Stelzner who hosts this podcast. So if you want Social Media Examiner in an audio format, then here it is for you. Visit now!

Perpetual Traffic – Hosted and managed by the Digital Marketer team, this is one of the best podcasts on traffic generation. Though the podcast is relatively new in comparison to a lot of the other podcasts, it is no lesser in the content when compared to a lot of the other established podcasts. Check it out here.

Optimize with Brian – If you are short of motivation, then this podcast hosted by Brian Johnson can help you. One of the best Motivational Podcasts, you are sure to find yourself rejuvenated once you are done with any of its episodes. Subscribe to it here.

The 8 Minute Millionaire – Hosted by Justin and Tara Williams, this is a podcast that will help you develop that millionaire mindset. This podcast is a combination of interviews and content based discourses. You can view it here.

New Rainmaker – This podcast is run by Brian Clark and his team and focuses primarily on digital product and services creation. You can listen to it here.

Internet Business Mastery  – Hosted by Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden, this is a complete internet marketing podcast with a pretty regular telecasting schedule. The podcast is very informative and can give you a lot of insights into creating and running an online business. Listen to it here.

The DKSpeaks Podcast – That’s a podcast hosted by me, myself.. lol. I use this podcast to discuss about simple tips and tricks to run and internet marketing business. I went through the grind with spending a lot of money on products that promised the world, but didn’t give you a pebble and finally learnt that it is all about the basics. And that is what I discuss in this podcast. I run it SOLO but am planning to bring in some guests who can add value and variation to the information that I want to give out to you. You can listen to it here.

So those were a list of some of the best Internet marketing podcasts that I listen to regularly and I would recommend that you too do that. These are all extremely informative and can help you build your business pretty fast.

Do let me know your thoughts, suggestions and commenting by posting them in the comment section below. Please do share the post with your friends and social media circles using the sharing buttons below.

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