How To Get Past Gmail’s “Promotions” Tab?

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getting past gmail tabs

Since the time Gmail introduced the tabs in their mail service about an year back, marketers are faced with a challenge – How to get past the “Promotions” tab in their subscribers’ mails?

Gmail revamped its mail service some time back. While there were a lot of  changes which were very refreshing, there were some that were a welcome change for the users, but not so welcome for the senders, primarily if you are a marketer. Gmail introduced 3 default tabs in their mail dashboard. These were Primary, Social and Promotions tabs. Some of your might find the Updates and Forums tabs as well depending upon the mails that were there in your mailbox when the changes were done. You can read more about these tabs at the Google help page.

The name of the tabs pretty much gives you an idea as to what mails will get classified into each of these tabs. So if you are a marketer and you are sending promotional emails to your subscribers, it is likely that your email might end up in the “Promotions” tab in your subscriber’s mailbox. How this happens is a topic that can be covered in another post. But in a nutshell, the possibilities are -

Gmail filters emails coming from specific sending services like aweber, getresponse etc. Emails with an unsubscribe link ...


Why You Might Be Losing 38% of Your Prospective Customers – Retargeting How To!

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retargeting how to

Before we even start discussing about retargeting, let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried to check, what happens to that visitor who came to your website and spent some time browsing through the variety of content that was available on it?

Most people do not.. So you need not think that you are the odd man out. Most people never thought about this aspect until the concept of retargeting emerged.

Before we jump into the details of retargeting, let us take a look at the journey of that visitor in question.

A visitor to your website or, blog navigates through your site and then leaves. But then he goes to other social ...


Managed WordPress Hosting – Do You Really Need it?

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managed wordpress hosting

WordPress is evolving with every day. I still remember the day, about 5 years back when I first installed my WordPress blog. The dashboard was a plain and simple control panel. With very few features, a plain WYSIWYG editor and some very basic themes, WordPress was a blogger’s heaven. A very basic hosting plan was more than enough for WordPress to run. That could take care of the security of the blog and the traffic and storage as well.

Fast forward to 2014 and we have a feature rich, fully jazzed WordPress with thousands of themes and plugins to supplement your blog and do the things that you might never even have imagined about 5-6 years back.

With these changes in the ...


7 Essential Tools for Content Idea Creation!

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content ideas

Expertly crafted search engine optimized content is the gold standard when it comes to web traffic. Simply put, if you’re showing up on Google’s first page, and especially within the top-5 results, then your site is doing extremely well and new, unique visitors will generously flow in your direction.

With Google (and Facebook) changing their algorithms on almost a daily basis, however, the SEO tactics we once employed are becoming useless. In fact, sites that used heavy keyword densities and other older SEO methods are quickly getting Google’s cold shoulder.

The Web World Is Changing

Search engines are becoming smarter these days, which means that pure SEO isn’t going to get you anywhere. ...


How to Really Build Backlinks and Dominate Google?

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Links building

Back-linking has been one of the key aspects in Search Engine Optimization. Panda or, no Panda… Google has always stressed the importance of backlinking. What could have changed with the change in algorithms, is the quality of backlinks that are acceptable or, maybe the quantity of backlinks as well.

Search the internet and you will find thousands of softwares that claim to be automating the tedious activity of building backlinks. Some do it by building backlinks from social media sites and social bookmarking sites, while other do it by using directories and article sites. The fact that 95% of the internet marketers who want to make money online, fall for one ...


The Only Facebook Resources You Will Ever Need in Facebook Marketing!

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Facebook Resources

If you have been struggling with Facebook marketing and are wondering, how the self-proclaimed GURUs are making a fortune out of it, then this post should be able to partially answer a few of your questions.

A Carpenter can only be as good as his tools.

The biggest problem with most newbies when they jump onto anything is that, they are kind of overwhelmed with everything that they have seen, which has led them to take that plunge. Consequently they are barely aware of the steps that will lead them to success or, are confused about it. The bare minimum requirements in terms of the tools and resources that they need is also the one that gets safely ignored.

The result of all ...


The Facebook Sponsored Stories Sunset – What You Need to Know?

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Facebook Sponsored stories sunset

If you have spent even a day on facebook trying to understand Sponsored Stories, then I am sure this news might disappoint you.

Facebook is a habit these days. I see people posting everything from what they do first when they get up, to what is the last thing that they do before they sleep, on Facebook. And even funnier is the fact that there are thousands of their friends who like, comment and share these statuses with others.

In between all this, there are only a few who realize the fact that millions of dollars are changing hands and that there are thousands who are making a decent income from these dollars changing hands. But the fact still remains.

And “Sponsored Stories” ...


Don’t be a Disaster Like RapGenius!

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rapgenius seo disaster

Search Engine Optimization has changed manifolds, since 2010. With Google pushing in so many changes to algorithms and with all the pandas and the penguins stealing most of the highlight, pretty much every other website had to spend sleepless nights and countless days to get their website back in shape so that the Search Engine Gods (read it as Google), is impressed.

And just like in every other colossal and epic change which kills the evil and takes a few good and innocent along with it, the changes, as Google unleashed its cute little animals with a “license to kill”, took along with it a lot of good but innocent websites as well. Though there were promises that things should be ...


Building Your List Using SOLO Ads?

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SOLO ad traffic

“The Money is in the List”

This is a phrase that you might have heard or, read countless times by now. Every GURU or, no-GURU (like me.. lol ) keeps telling the same thing.

But one thing that no-body tells you is how to build your list. Some go on to put list-building in a few simple steps -

Setup a Squeeze page Drive traffic to it. Make people Optin to your list

and..that’s it.

But one very important aspect in these so-called simple steps, is “Driving Traffic”. And this is one aspect that 90% of the internet marketers fail at and consequently QUIT.

I, too tried at least 50 different ways of driving traffic to build my list, but my list grew by a trickle. ...


Trustjacker Review – How I Made $45.00 using a FREE Wiki Article?

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trustjacker review

This is a quick video on something that I was experimenting with and it turned out to be a quiet interesting one. There was a lot of hype around one simple little WordPress plugin that did something very unique. Before I jump onto the details of the plugin and the uniqueness of it, let me tell you about the experiment that I did and why it turned out to be an interesting one..

This is what I did..

I checked on Google for a good article on reducing belly fat. What came on the 1st result on the 1st page was an interesting article from Wiki Articles. It was enough proof that this one was an authority article. I picked this article. I ...


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