Weekly Link Roundup # 10: How to Write an Engaging Blog Post Everybody On the Internet Wants to Read

blogging tips

How to write an engaging Blog Post - a question I always asked myself, as I read those posts from a Darren Rowse or, Neil Patel and saw it being shared and commented by thousands. My celebrations would begin when a post has about 10 shares and these big bloggers would easily churn out blog […] Read More


DKSP EP:37 – Single Optin Vs Double Optin – Which One to Choose and Why!


  Single Optin Vs Double Optin! Its the question of "To be or, not to be". When I first started with SOLO ads, the first seller gave me a piece of advice - "If you want good conversions, then keep your optin settings to a single optin". I was skeptical at first, because I was […] Read More


Weekly Link Roundup Edition # 9 : How to Generate Traffic from Social Media Channels for FREE!

social media traffic generation

How to Generate Traffic from Social Media Channels? I am sure this is one of your questions as much as it is mine or, any other blogger on the Internet. Social Media is everywhere and everyday we read a post or, two from somebody like an Ana Hoffman or, Amy Porterfield about driving social media […] Read More


5 Reasons Why We as Marketers Love Social Media Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

social media marketing

Social media has put everyone on a frenzy nowadays. Regardless of age, occupation and interests, everyone has at least one or two social media accounts that take up a huge portion of their time every day. There are various social media platforms that are famous among mobile users – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Google+, […] Read More


Weekly Link Roundup Edition # 8 : Tips to Refine Your Email Marketing List Building Strategies

email marketing list building strategies

How confident are you about your email marketing list building strategies? If you still do not have an email marketing strategy, then head over to your drawing board immediately to put one in place. One of the essential pieces of an email marketing strategy is list building. In fact your entire email strategy depends upon […] Read More


What is the Best WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing Websites?


What is the best Wordpress theme for Affiliate Marketing Websites? If you had asked this question about 4-5 years back, I would have promptly responded saying "Socrates". In fact they marketed the theme using a tagline, "built by marketers for marketers". And it had all the bells and whistles that an affiliate marketing site required. […] Read More


Weekly Link Roundup Edition # 7 : Proven Tips on How to Create Content that Goes Viral!

create content that goes viral

Create content that goes viral? I am sure, you clicked through to this post because of the term "Viral" in that sentence. This is the age of all things "Viral". About a decade ago, anything that had the term "viral" in it was associated with a disease. But times have changed and now "viral" is […] Read More


Weekly Link Roundup Edition # 6 : Simple Insider Tips to a Better Blog Promotion Strategy


What's your blog promotion strategy? Since the time, Google cracked down on guest blogging and banned a few sites like myblogguest.com, guest blogging has taken a hit. In fact I too used to get a lot of guest blogging requests, which suddenly died down. But the good thing about this is the fact that people […] Read More


Influencer Marketing Best Practices to Get Ready for the Future in Marketing

influencer marketing

What’s the next big thing in marketing? A lot of marketers are vouching for influencer marketing due to its effectiveness and cost-friendly nature. In fact, several studies have been conducted in regards to this channel, proving how effective it is in boosting various aspects of performance. It has been shown to help brands in improving […] Read More


Weekly Link Roundup Edition # 5: The Best Social Media Hacks and Tricks from the Masters


Best Social Media Hacks? At times I feel that the term social media is used so much these days that people like you and me get so overwhelmed that simply lose sight of what we had set out to do at the first place. And that's when we search for these social media hacks. I […] Read More


Tips to Quickly Grow Your Email Subscribers List Faster than It is Growing Today

quickly grow your email subscribers list

Quickly Grow Your Email Subscribers list? Don't get too fancy about that title and start to think that I am going to give you a potion that will quickly grow your email subscribers list from a ZERO to 10,000 overnight. These are some simple and essential tips that can help your grow your email subscribers. […] Read More


Weekly Link Roundup Edition # 4 : Tips on Email Marketing Best Practices to Succeed in 2016


Email marketing best practices - Remember if you are not into email marketing then you have already lost the game! One of the biggest mistakes that I did early on when I started my online business was to not build a list. I never focused on email marketing until very late. While I was a […] Read More


5 Super Easy Ways to Find Content Ideas for Your Next Killer Blog Post

ways to find content ideas

5 ways to find content ideas? You might be wondering as to why would I write a blog post with 5 ways to find content ideas when there are hundreds of posts out there which talk about 100, 200 or, even 500+ ways to find content ideas. So let me put it straight. While all […] Read More


Weekly Link Roundup Edition # 3: Tips on How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy that Works

a content marketing strategy that works

How confident are you that you have a content marketing strategy that works? With everything around the way you and I have been marketing, changing and with adblockers blocking ads and pop-up blockers and Google cracking down on intrusive pop-ups, the opportunity to grab your visitors' attention is limited. You don't have a ton of […] Read More

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How to Warm Up a Cold Email List to Improve Open Rates and Click Through Rates

how to warm up a cold email list

What is a "Cold Email List"? I think we need to understand this before we look at how to warm up a cold email list. I had a list of about 9500 subscribers in one of my Aweber accounts, that I built through SOLO ads and Giveaways. In spite of the fact that I built […] Read More