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Should Blogging be Planned or, Spontaneous?

Okay!… it is almost a month that I wrote my last post. While the first 15 days I was away vacationing, the other 15 days went in the vacation hangover.. You read that right. Even vacations can give you a hangover. So here is how it works. Once you are back from a vacation where…

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Vendorlock Hosting and Autoresponder Review

One of the biggest problems in starting off with an internet marketing business is the initial investment involved in the business.. If you are wondering about the contradiction in this statement, then let me clarify it for you. It is true that internet marketing is a business where the primary investment is your time. At…

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Wordpress training

The WordPress Basics Course – How to Start a Blog With WordPress

If you are running an online site, it would most likely be on WordPress. I might not be wrong in saying that, Am I? Just to put some facts together – About 74.6 Million Sites run WordPress About 18.9% of all self-hosted websites run on WordPress WordPress is the most popular platform to run Business…

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How to Research Buyer Keywords the right way?

Keyword research is a painful exercise. While there are thousands of articles out there on keyword research and researching buyer keywords, people like you and me find it the easiest to skip. This is primarily because of the fact that, keyword research takes a lot of time and is very tedious. So the thought process…

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Godaddy Managed Wordpress Hosting Review

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

If you are not aware of what managed wordpress hosting is all about, you might want to read the post that I wrote about managed wordpress hosting some time back. That post would have told you some of the aspects about a managed wordpress hosting. Now, what kind of hosting should you go with will…

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sylvester stallone's story

5 Things Internet Marketers Can Learn From Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is not new to us and if you have been a fan of the Rocky series, then there is no way you can miss this star with a distorted chin and a slightly slurred speech. But the Stallone that we know is not who he is. There is a very strong and determined…

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Social Media Tips

How Social Media Can Be a Legal Problem For You?

Social Media has now become an essential for everyone – irrespective of, if you are a business, a celebrity and a nobody. Your identity on the web is assessed from your social media reach. No wonder the Google gods decided to give a lot of weightage to your social media scores, when it comes to…

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twitter redesign

Did you do a Twitter Profile Makeover Yet?

I am not sure if you have received this email from Twitter, but if you haven’t yet received it, you might very soon see that in your inbox. It was about 5 days back that I received this email from Twitter with the subject line reading, “Give your profile a makeover“. I was not surprised.…

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Postbot – The Photo Scheduling App from WordPress

Are you a photo blogger? If you are, then this WordPress launch might excite you to the core, just as it did to me.. It was yesterday that WordPress announced the launch of Postbot. While the name does not tell you what exactly this animal is, the details of it is sure to excite anybody…

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IMSC Rapid Mailer Review – 7 Reasons Why It Just Might Not Be For You

Sean Donahue is a reputed Internet Marketer and I have enjoyed and implemented a few of the strategies that he teaches at at his blog. He is a frequent at launching products and most of his products have been top quality. It is hence that I have bought pretty much all his products because these…

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