The Eaten Alive Phenomenon in Internet Marketing

eaten alive

Eaten Alive was a show that Discovery aired a few days back. If you follow the Discovery Channel, you would have seen quite a build-up to this show. It was supposed to be a 2-hour reality show aired on a Sunday evening where a guy, Paul Rosolie, who is also a wildlife conservationist, was to be eaten by an Anaconda.

The channel did a decent promo and they aired a lot of teaser videos as a build up to the live show. The promos raised a lot of anxiety in the viewers and people were anxious to see what happens when a man is eaten by a snake, live on television.

Just like every other anxious viewer, I too prepared for the show and perched safely in front of my television (after some careful planning for a week to squeeze out the time) to see what unfolds. After 2 hours when I walked out of my drawing room, I was one of the many disappointed Discovery channel fans. Why?

Because nothing of the sort what was being advertised happened on the show.

The show was a flop from the very beginning. The first 94 minutes were nothing but the search for a 25-foot Anaconda, which Paul has spotted some time back in the Amazon jungles in one of his earlier expeditions. Since they couldn’t trace the snake, they had to manage with a back-up snake which too was about 17 feet, but in a man-made setup.

The so-called man-eating part was only the last about 10-14 minutes. The actual disappointment was only waiting to happen. As the snake started to constrict upon the guy, the guy freaked out. His arm was being crushed. He called out for help and the entire show ended.

No man was eaten and nothing of the sort that Discovery claimed will happen, ever happened on the show. There were quite a few tweets all over Twitter criticizing the entire show, but the fact remained that Discovery was able to get a huge viewership and some attention as well.

The Eaten Alive Phenomenon in Internet Marketing

The entire “Eaten Alive” thing turned out to be a big disappointment for me and many others. But there were quite a few lessons I could learn from the entire story, which kind of highlights the extent to which Marketing can go to grab your attention.

A few days back I received a marketing email from a very well known marketer Mark Thompson. Mark is somebody who I respect as an Internet Marketer. But this mail of his was not something I was too much in agreement with. This mail was about some software that could create content automatically. Offlate I found a lot of marketers also promoting this so called patent pending software that could churn out content automatically.

How good do you think this software would be?

I have never had a liking to these kind of auto-writing softwares because that defeats the entire purpose of content writing. You write something to provide value to your reader and that way you build an authority for yourself. But with a software writing content for you, that too automatically extracted from the internet, do you really think the content will be of any value.

The case is totally different from an article spinner which actually rewrites content using synonyms and similar words. Hence the content pretty much remains the same but is re-written in a slightly different language, voice or, tense.

I felt Mark shouldn’t have promoted this product, but I am sure he will have a different opinion to it.

After watching the entire farce “Eaten Alive” show, there was one thing that was very evident. Marketing doesn’t look at what is right or, wrong. It aims at just one thing – does it meet the objective.

So in Internet Marketing, the objective is to make money and hence it just doesn’t matter if you are promoting the right thing or, not. You can promote anything so long as it makes money.

What will differentiate you from the rest of the crowd is what you promote. It is your choice if you wish to promote something of no value and loose your dedicated fans like the Discovery channel or, be true to yourself and to your followers and keep them for life.

What The Eaten Alive Story Teaches us

There is more to it than just marketing here. For a minute look at the entire eaten alive story from the perspective of the viewer. A viewer like me who is a severe critic as well was also bought into the promotions that Discovery did for the show. Though I came out disappointed, I should admit the fact that I was sold into the marketing that they did.

There are a few things noteworthy here.

  • People are interested in things that defy norms. If you are able to create something that does this, you will be an instant success
  • Teasers work well in generating interest. This is something that most successful internet marketers do when they run pre-launch campaigns for their big launches.
  • How you plan your promotion is extremely important and plays a decisive factor in prepping people to check out your product. The success of the product then depends entirely upon how useful it is.

Some of these things are basics that we often miss out in our marketing strategy. If you are planning on creating a product, then these might surely help you.

Do tell me your thoughts about this article by commenting below.

Watch a glimpse of what happened on the Eaten Alive show in the below video, just in case you are interested.. :)


Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Best Black Friday Deals on Internet Marketing Products that You Don’t Want to Miss

black friday deals

I am not sure of the origin of Black Friday and the only information I have is what I got from searching on Wikipedia. One thing that I learnt from reading those long paragraphs on the wiki was that this was a day setup by businesses to increase their sales. And whatever the objective of the businesses, it is a day that consumers like us stands to gain on.

It is now become more of a habit for people, who would wait for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons to shop. While every article about these 2 days says that this is something that happens in US, what has changed over the years and what very few people have realized is that with the Internet taking over sales and eCommerce contributing to a major part of the overall sales, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday phenomenon has slowly started expanding to the other parts of the world.

Most businesses don’t just target the US for these two days. Instead the audience is worldwide and that has increased their sales manifold. Now, Imagine.. me being in India where there is nothing called as a Thanksgiving, I still wait for it so that I can buy stuff online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Deals in Internet Marketing

At least for the last 3 years, Black Friday Deals is one important thing for me. I get a lot of good stuff at a very low price on these days. So, why would I want to pay more, when I can get the same thing at a lower price.

In the past I have bought good ebooks, softwares, training courses and all in Black Friday Deals. I have my eye a few this year as well. And that is when I thought, why don’t I put a post where I give you the information on such good Black Friday deals, so that you can also take advantage of it.

So, here are some of the best Black Friday Deals for this year. I will keep updating this post with information that I keep getting.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of these links are affiliate links and I might earn a commission from you purchasing it using this link.

Hosting Black Friday Deals

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iPage – This is one of the latest hosting company that I am using. I started using them about 3 months back and I was pretty satisfied with them. They don’t give you a cpanel, instead have a different kind of control panel which could take some time to get used to, if you are new, but otherwise they are pretty good in every aspect. Click here to get iPage discount.

Black Friday deals on Site Builders

If you don’t plan to build and design your websites you might want to look for a good site-builder.There are some simple and easy to use site builders out there which can help you build some cool looking websites without the knowledge of any HTML. I prefer site-builders to build squeeze pages and landing pages because it saves me a lot of time.

Strikingly – Strikingly is one of the site builders that I can stand for because I have used them for a lot of my websites. They are simple and easy to use and can create awesome looking landing pages and single page sites pretty fast.

They are also running a Black Friday Deal on their plans. You can now order a full year or, 2 years at this discounted price. Click here to order from Strikingly.

1minute sites – I was always fascinated with leadpages. But their pricing somehow drove me off. I don’t believe in paying an exorbitant amount for something that is basic. While I agree that the service becomes exceptional with a premium pricing, it also gives me a feeling that the service is then, not targeting the average. And hence I don’t prefer using such service.

It was then that I came across 1 minute sites. You can build a nice looking fully functional landing page in under 1 minute. You don’t even need hosting to host these pages. And the best part, they have an affordable pricing plan. 1 minutes sites is also running a black Friday discount deal for the next 4 days. Click here to order 1minute sites

Membership Softwares and Scripts

If you are planning to or, running a membership site then you will need a reliable and robust membership management system. I prefer s2Member over all others because of the flexibility it gives you and also the control you have over your sites content and membership options.

They are running 2 discounted deals as part of their Black Friday deals. While the first one is on a Single Site license, the second one is an unlimited license. Click the links below to order an option of your choice. The links have the S2Member discounted coupon codes built into it.

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Stock Images

If you are into internet marketing, you need a lot of images and it is important that you understand your rights to using these images. It is hence that it is recommended that you have an account with a website that offers royalty free stock images. Grahics stock is a site that I trust for y stock images and I am sure you will also love the collections over there. Get 83% off a year of unlimited graphics PLUS a bonus pack of exclusive content. Just use this link below to get started:

Unlimited Downloads PLUS Bonus Pack Black Friday Deals

Social Media Manager

Postplanner – Postplanner is an absolute essential if you are into Facebook marketing and you manage Facebook fanpages. They are running a black Friday deal where you get 66% off of their Master plan. Click here to get the deal!


Video WP01 – How to Install WordPress Complete with all the Essential Plugins and Themes

install wordpressAnd you thought you knew everything about how to Install WordPress!

Not to offend you. But in a minute you will start to thing if that statement was actually meant for you. WordPress is one amazing platform. I still remember the time when I was not aware of WordPress. I would spend hours coding each of my websites in HTML, ASP or, PHP and still there would be hundred bugs in it and another hundred things that the site would not do. I would then spend hours writing javascript to incorporate all of those.

And will I be satisfied with what I see.. Naaah! in many cases.

Today, all of my 93 sites are on WordPress. No more coding, no more fiddling with any script. Any additional feature that I want, I have a plugin.

WordPress has come a long way since I first saw it. A crude interface to an unfriendly editor and a handful of themes. And here we are today with thousands of theme frameworks leaving us in a dilemma as to which one to choose and then another thousand or, more plugins. Yet what has not changed is the famous 5-minute install that still is a part of WordPress.

How to Install WordPress – The Pain Area

If you think I am contradicting myself, then…no. I am not.

Installing WordPress is a cakewalk, even if you have no clue about what to do. But the real trouble comes, when you want to customize it. And if you are somebody like me, who wants to run affiliate sites on WordPress, then it becomes all the more painful because of the fact that you are going to do it with each and every one of your wordpress install.

I use a set of FREE plugins that I download from the WordPress repository, on almost all of my blogs and affiliate sites. But if I need to do that on all my blogs, it literally takes hours and since the job is repetitive, it is an absolute waste of time.

Want to see how I simplify this entire process with a tiny little tweak?

Then watch this complete video. I do a simple little tweak to the already simple WordPress installation process and that addresses this problem. When I login to my WordPress blog after I install wordpress, I have all my plugins there. All I need to do is just activate it and I am done.

So watch this video that shows you how to install wordpress, plugins-ready!

WP-Pipeline – An Easy Way to Install WordPress and Manage it!

Okay! So you might have heard me talking about a plugin that I use to centrally control all of my WordPress blogs. It’s a very handy little plugin especially for people who manage multiple blogs.

While installing the same plugin on multiple blogs is indeed a problem, there are numerous other problems that comes with WordPress, the biggest being updating the WordPress files, themes and plugins. Imagine, if I had to login to all of my 93 blogs to do that. By the time I finish one round of doing it, the next set of updates would be

WP-Pipeline simplifies this for me. The process is simple.

I have WP-Pipeline installed on one of my blog that I use as a Control Panel. I can login to all of my blogs from there with a single click. I can update everything from there – my themes, plugins and the WordPress files. I can install all my plugins and themes from this central dashboard, onto all of my blogs.

Now, onto the best part.

I can easily create backups, clone my blogs and even restore my files… again all with a few clicks.

Doesn’t it look like a genie? It indeed is. And you will realize that when you use it.

If you are interested in checking out WP-Pipeline, you can click the link below and order it today!

==> Order WP-Pipeline Today!

PS: If you choose to do so, I will earn a small commission for showing and directing you to an amazing tool.

Just in case you want to know about all of the recommended plugins that I use on all my WordPress blogs and you want a copy of the file I showed you in the video above, you can download it from the below link.

I will try to keep the versions updated. But if for some reason, you see that the files are not up-to-date, you can just do a bulk update from inside your WordPress Blog.

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts about the video by commenting below. Also don’t forget to share it if your liked it.


Facebook Atlas Ads – Your Guide to this Targeted Ad Service from Facebook

facebook atlas advertising platform

Facebook Advertising, to date, hasn’t been a terribly impressive source of leads and sales for most small businesses. Sure, you can find a few success stories. But for most, Google Adwords is the only game in town. Google attracts at least 67% of search traffic and Adwords really is a fantastic product. Adwords has earned its reputation as the go-to place for PPC advertising.

That’s not to say that Facebook advertising has been a failure. In January 2014, Facebook reported that 53% of its revenues came from mobile advertising. Despite what the numbers say, the social media behemoth has had trouble convincing many businesses that Facebook is a valuable advertising and marketing platform.

Enter Facebook Atlas Ads… and the scene might just change.

By relaunching Atlas, a third-party ad management and tracking tool that the company purchased from Microsoft last year for $100 million, Facebook ads are poised to become a lot smarter, across all platforms. With a lot in store for the small business from an advertising perspective, it just make sense for small businesses to give Facebook advertising another look.

The Cookie is About to Crumble

facebook atlas ads

Traditionally, advertisers have used cookies to track people online. Cookies aren’t a reliable tracking method and are completely ineffective on mobile devices.

The usage of cookies and its effectiveness has been a point of debate for some time. But there has not been too many alternatives to this until now. But with the launch of Facebook atlas ads, this is going to change.

Let me quote something from Atlas’ website:

Cookies alone limit advertising effectiveness – because they’re ineffective on mobile and suffer from degradation over time…Atlas helps marketers reach real people across devices, platforms and publishers to target, deliver, optimize and measure advertising results. Using the power of real people, Atlas can connect online touchpoints with offline purchases to generate a new understanding about what really drives incremental reach and new sales.

So, advertisers who use Facebook Atlas ads should be better able to connect advertising to actual sales, even when the sale takes place offline. However, Atlas’ tracking capability works only when users are logged in to Facebook. Will that be a drawback to the entire system is yet to be seen.

Atlas vs. Google DoubleClick

“Retargeting” has been the golden nugget in advertising these days. It is unlikely that you will be surprised to see that product that you surfed on an online store follow you throughout on Facebook and all other social media sites and websites that you visit, at least these days. We have gotten used to retargeting now, aren’t we?

Retargeting is a highly efficient type of PPC advertising campaign that shows ads for your products/services to people after they visit your website. But, retargeting relies on cookies.

DoubleClick is Google’s PPC retargeting service and they use the same method of tracking that most retargeting services use – cookies.

Atlas does not rely on cookies. When a user is logged into Facebook, Atlas will be able to target individuals with highly customized ads as they surf the web and as they jump from laptop to iPhone, to tablet to whatever device a consumer is using.

Will the Opt-Out Stand?

facebook atlas

It’s worth noting that Atlas brings with it yet another important change: the ability for users to opt out of targeted ads—at least, that’s what the platform’s privacy policy states.

Whether or not Facebook will amend that policy to fall in line with its ever-churning data mining and marketing operation remains to be seen. But if they don’t this is an aspect that will change the advertising world, for sure.

Facebook Atlas ads Remains Vulnerable to Ad-blocking

ad blocking services

It’s interesting that in the race to optimize and place Facebook ads on every platform, Facebook Atlas ads seemingly ignores the growing threat of ad-blocking.

AdBlock and similar browser extensions and add-ons are available on both mobile and traditional devices. According to this article on Forbes, the use of ad-blocking services is on the rise. And Atlas is vulnerable to these ad-blocking services.

If Facebook doesn’t do something about it, this is sure to reduce the effectiveness of ads served by this platform. And as an advertiser, I might not be too keen on using a platform where the possibility of an ad being seen itself is just a probability.

How to Get Into Facebook Atlas Ads

Currently, Atlas is available to businesses by invitation only.

Not something!

Most services that start out do the same. They start off as an “invitation only” platform and later change. It will certainly change in case of Facebook atlas as well. For now, a small business can apply for an invitation here.


Facebook Atlas is very new and it’s too soon to judge how well it will work for advertisers. We can only hope that Atlas will be a strong competitor and give small businesses another advertising option. Having said that, with some of the things that they have announced to be a part of the platform, it is surely worth a try.

Images used under license from

This is a Guest Post by Ellen Gipko. Ellen Gipko is a reporter for HubShout, a US based white label SEO reseller, website reseller and digital marketing firm with offices in Falls Church, VA (Washington, DC Metro) and Rochester, NY.


How to Resolve “Are You Sure you want to do this?” WordPress Error!

resolving wordpress errors

About 2 days and 5 re-installs. That was what it took me to find a solution to a problem that not too many sites were able to help me with.

For a moment I felt like Captain Jack Sparrow. I remember his dialogue, “You know the feeling you get when standing in a high place, the sudden urge to jump..” That was how I was feeling.

WordPress can be a pain, when you don’t know how to resolve a problem. For most of my problems with WordPress, I would go to WP Beginner. They had a solution there to the problem as well, but that too didn’t resolve the problem.

“Are you Sure you want to do this” WordPress Error

Okay! So let me tell you the problem. I have multiple blogs that I manage. I also build new blogs very frequently as part of my own business and also for my clients. To manage all this, I use “WP Pipeline”, which is a plugin that gives me a central dashboard on one of my blogs and from there I can manage all my other blogs.

It also has an option of mass installing plugins and themes and that is what I use to build newer blogs.

I had registered this new domain and I wanted to install wordpress on it along with all of my favorite plugins. You see.. it is a pain installing all of those plugins and then the theme, more so if it is the same kind of plugins that you install every time on all of your blogs.

I had set-up everything right. I clicked on, “install” and….

are you sure you want to do this

I am sure you would have seen this error, quite a lot of times. Probably that is why you are here.

Onto the solution now, if nothing else works..

STEP – 1: In the Settings option, under General, check what is the url of your website.

STEP – 2: Check if the URL is the same, from where-ever you are trying to access the file.

STEP – 3: If the error is when you are trying to upload media files, check if the URL for the upload location has the same URL.

And that’s it.

That should resolve the problem.

What is the Cause of “Are You Sure You Want to Do This” Error?

WP Beginner had written about this problem and the cause that he had mentioned was right. This is what Syed had mentioned in the blog post –

This error usually occurs when WordPress checks for Nonce in an admin url and the check fails. Nonce are unique keys or numbers which can be generated by a theme, plugin, or a core WordPress file for verification purposes. Nonces add a security layer to protect WordPress URLs, forms, and ajax calls from abuse.

This is precisely what was happening in my case. But the cause was the usage of an incorrect URL. My wordpress blog was

Did you note that there was no www. in the domain name?

And I was trying to remote access the blog with a URL, which was why I was getting the error.. :)

Complex Problem, Simple Solution!

Don’t forget to tell me if this resolves the problem by commenting. Also share this post if you think this will help somebody else.