Is your business on Facebook?

I am sure you would not want to go through precisely the same thing that you went through about an year and a half when Twitter exploded and you were caught unaware (I assume you were in business then :) )!!!

When Twitter suddenly became the talk of the town, a lot of people were caught unaware and they found themselves missing the train. By the time they could jump into the bandwagon, the possibility of their success had diminished on account of competition from the big sharks.

It is the same that is happening with Facebook. All of sudden you find there are videos and books all over the internet that tell you that you have to be on Facebook, if you are to succeed. I am not sure if that is the mantra for success but I can be sure of one thing that you would find benefit a lot if you are on Facebook.

If you are one of those dreaming to be an Internet Entrepreneur, then my advice is that you should put your business on Facebook by creating a Fan Page.

What is a Fan Page?

This is what Facebook has to say about a “Page” -

A Facebook Page is a public profile that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users. When your fans interact with your Facebook Page, stories linking to your Page can go to their friends via News Feed. As these friends interact with your Page, News Feed keeps driving word-of-mouth to a wider circle of friends.

Facebook pages are similar to that of a normal facebook profile but only differs in that it is for a website or, a business. It gives you access to create a profile for you business where your customers and prospects can interact and you can easily publicize your business without spending too much of money.

7 Reasons why you need a Facebook Fan Page -

Different businesses will have different reasons for creating a facebook Fan page. 7 reasons why you as an internet marketer has to have a Facebook Fan Page is as follows:-

  1. A Fan Page is Viral – Just like a facebook profile that is viral and keeps attracting newer friends, fan pages too are viral. It attracts connections from your fans and virally builds a huge list of people who are following your updates and you website. Whenever anybody joins your fan page as a fan, this is published in their news feed and is available for all of their connections to read. This viral behavior in turn means lots of traffic to your websites.
  2. Get a Quality Link – Facebook pages are public and is accessible to anyone who searches the internet. This could mean getting a link back to your website from an established website.
  3. Send Updates to one who matter – People joining your fanpage as fans are actual followers of your updates. These are people who trust you and your brand and hence should be the ones who should be first informed of any update to your business. Facebook pages facilitates this. You can send a one click update to all of those fan for you business.
  4. Flexibility – Facebook pages provides you with a lot of flexibility with the thousands of apps that are available. You can run a contest or, a poll or, even set up a small store in one of your pages with one of these apps. This gives you a better reach to an group of loyal readers and subscribers.
  5. Fan pages help you build a Brand – One of the most important things to do when you start an online business is to build a brand for yourself. A brand gives you and identity and builds confidence in you and the products that you are selling. A Facebook fanpage helps you build this brand image.
  6. It shows that you are updated – Yes, that is right! You have to remain updated with the trend and follow the trend if you wish to gain acceptance. Web 2.0 and Social Media is the trend. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc. are part of this changing trends and you have to be a part of it.
  7. An alternate address for your Business – An alternate address is always important. When we as individuals ensure that we maintain an alternate address, why should our businesses not have one? Assume a situation where your website goes down for a few hours. Your business will have an alternate address at your Facebook fan page so that people can find you.

There could be many more such reasons to be on Facebook. Your reason might be a different one from that of mine. But the bottomline is that you have to be on Facebook and you have to have a Fan Page at Facebook for your business.

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This is a guest post by Susan White. If you too wish to guest post at DKSpeaks, you can read the guidelines here.

It’s the most powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal, but when wielded badly, it could turn out to be a boomerang that comes back to hit you in the face instead. Email marketing is one of the most widely used, and most misunderstood Internet marketing tool there is today. To be of any real use to a company, an email marketing campaign it has to be carried out effectively. It should be opened by the customer and perceived to be of value instead of being relegated to the Trash folder unseen, or worse, labeled as Junk or Spam. When you’re marked as a spammer by most people you send out email to, you risk being blacklisted and losing your reputation. To avoid such a situation, here’s what you need to do:

  • Avoid sending out mass mails to random people: You may think you’re getting the maximum reach by sending out mass mailings to a number of email ids that you purchased from a third party. But if you knew the normal mentality of people, you would desist from such an action. Most people set their spam filters so that any email from people not in their address book goes directly to the Spam folder which is emptied automatically on a periodic basis. And even people who see such mail in their Inbox mark it as spam once they realize that it is part of a marketing campaign. Perhaps just 1 percent of the mail you sent out is opened, and an even smaller percentage of people respond the way you want them to. It is not worth being labeled as spam for this tiny amount of return on your efforts.
  • Use retention emails rather than direct email: Direct email is seen as an in-your-face marketing method, especially if your mail pops up at inopportune moments and intrudes into the busy lives of people. Rather, allow both existing and potential customers to sign up for your newsletters and use these to provide them with the latest news and information about your products and services. When they’ve already interacted with you, they feel comfortable opening emails from you, especially if they’re intrigued by the subject line. If you are sending out direct marketing email however, ensure that you allow people to opt out with a link at the bottom of the page. This prevents them from labeling your email as spam.
  • Ensure that your subject line matches the rest of the email: The biggest grouse I have against marketers is that they con you into opening their emails and clicking on the links in them. For example, an email I received from a national magazine (which I was subscribed to) announced that I had won free merchandise and that all I had to do to claim it was follow the link. And when I did so, I was taken to an online store where I could “buy” the merchandise, using a discount voucher. So in effect, I had to spend money on something I did not really need just because I was being given a discount voucher. Needless to say, I marked all emails from the marketer as spam after that. Email marketers must ensure that their subject line is true to what’s inside the email, because while they may con people once, they’re definitely going to get labeled as spam after that.

About the Author:

This article is contributed by Susan White, who regularly writes on the subject of High Speed Internet Service.  She invites your questions, comments at her email address: [email protected]

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Micro Niche Finder Discount Today I completed 500 sales for Micro Niche Finder. I thought I would write a review about the product on one of my other blogs on reviews and was preparing for it when I received a mail from one of my customers.

I was so impressed with this mail that I shed my idea of writing the review. Instead I thought I would just circulate a copy of the mail.

If anyone has a doubt about the utility of this exceptionally good niche finder software, then I am sure that this mail would clear those doubts once and for all.

Before I display that email let me also tell you about an astonishing statistics on my sales for Micro Niche Finder. Over the past few months I had sold 500 copies of Micro Niche Finder as an affiliate. I was surprised to note that in all since I started selling MNF, there were only 3 chargebacks (refunds). This shows the results that this tool has given to its users.

Micro Niche Finder has helped me excavate more than 90 niche markets and all my minisites are based on the results that MNF generated. All of these mini sites together generate a handsome income for me. It is also noteworthy here that I have not done anything on any of these minisites since months now.

If I am to pen down a few benefits of Micro Niche Finder in simple words, then it would be -

  1. Extremely easy to use.
  2. Get a niche in under 30 minutes of research.
  3. Even an absolute tech-illiterate can also use it.
  4. Easy to work interface.
  5. Free lifetime upgrades.

I can keep writing and writing about the benefits and I would still have a few more to write. I am so impressed with this software. It is true that a genuine review can only happen if you have actually used it. I had bought the tool when it was only $67.00 The price of the tool is now $99.00. I would still not mind buying it even today.

Buy your copy when the price is still low or, else you might keep regretting that you didn’t.

This is a screenshot of the email that I received.

Micro Niche Finder Income Proof

Click to enlarge

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Building a List

This is a guest post by Melissa Tamura. If you too wish to guest post at DKSpeaks, you can read the guidelines here.

Building an email list for your marketing campaign, website, or business can become a very steep task. What you have to realize first is that you can’t build a successful email list over night. It takes planning and some crucial steps to create a list that converts readers to customers. It takes time to develop all your strategies to gain more traffic and opt ins so don’t think it will happen over night. The people online with websites that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers have been working at building their list for years.

There are some things you can do to speed up the process of getting more subscribers to your email list which I will go over here. The 7 most successful things I do to build a list are incentives, pay per click advertising, proper sign up form placement, selling on your opt in form, providing value, pop up offers, and squeeze pages.

Using Incentives To Build a List

This is one thing you must have in order to build a successful email list. If your visitors don’t have any reason to sign up to your email list, chances are, they won’t. If you think about all the large lists out there, they either offer something for free, or they have such unique and interesting content that the readers want to make sure they get all the updated content regularly. Providing something like a free e-book or guide to do something will instantly increase your conversion rate of sign ups to your email list.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising To Attract Visitors and Capture Email Addresses

Using PPC ad programs is also an excellent way to gain email addresses. What you would do is go to google and/or yahoo and start a campaign using keywords related to your niche and buy traffic to a landing page or squeeze page. I will talk more about squeeze pages later. You are essentially buying traffic to that landing page where all you want to get is an email address. It is then up to you to create a set of emails sent to that person inviting them to your website and possibly trying to sell them something.

Sign Up Form Placement

The placement of your sign up form is very crucial. I feel the best place is the top right or top left of your website. The form should include the boxes to put their name and email address, plus your incentive for signing up. You can also use links in your content, and other sign up form placements such as below your articles.

Selling on Your Sign Up Form

Again, you must use some form of selling technique to entice your readers to sign up to your email list. If you only have the boxes to sign up, chances are you will have a very low conversion rate.

Providing Value

If you do not have a unique voice or unique content that gets people to come back to your website, you will not make it in this business. Providing value to your prospective readers and customers is a must. Make sure you are doing your best to inform and educate your readers so they have a natural feeling to sign up to your email list.

Pop Up Offers

Pop ups are very irritating, I know. But they work very well in converting first time readers to long time subscribers. The pop ups are only shown once to each visitor so it won’t be too irritating if they come back and read more of your content.

Using Squeeze Pages

Finally, we get to using squeeze pages. This is a page that has only one thing in mind and that’s to capture an email address. Once you set up a PPC campaign, you want those clicks you purchase to go to a sales pages that states why they need to sign up for your email list. Make sure to include your incentive and strong reasons why they should sign up.

About the Author –

Melissa Tamura is Editor at Large of the Zen College Life directory of online degrees. She most recently wrote about Ashford University.

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Making Money Online

My blog is no more a “Make Money Online” blog!!!

There was quite a bit of research that went into my selection of the earlier title and description for my blog but eventually after about 24 months of being into blogging with that punchline for my blog, I decided to go for a change.

But what was it that prompted me to change my blog’s title?

The keyword “Make money online” is probably one of the most costliest term if I would go for a PPC campaign. It is one of the most competitive terms as well in PPC Management. You search Google with the term and find about 115,000,000 results for the term. That indeed is pretty competitive.

But competitiveness doesn’t mean that there were no terms that you could rank well for. On running my research in micro niche finder I was able to derive about 4 terms that were extremely good in terms of competition and I was able to rank well for these terms as well. So I would not want to buy the logic from somebody who says that the “Make money online” market is saturated and that you would not want to get into the market. This market still has a lot of scope and anybody wanting to get into the market can still do it.

So, you would ask me, what is it that made me exit this term, right?

I recently started my Facebook campaign and started getting quite a few visitors from my Facebook pages. There were quite a few of my friend and acquaintances who visited my blog here at DKSpeaks. I found that they had a very strange opinion about my blog and did not dare to visit it again. As such I had found that the drop rate at the blog was quite high. So I decided I would run a small questionaire with these friends and relatives to find their opinion about my blog.

I was surprised at the views that they shared with me.

The majority of them said that they felt that they were about to read something about one of those money scams or, a get rich quick schemes that they were tired of hearing and reading about. The moment they were being directed to my blog they would read the title and find the “make money online” term in it and would get the impression that this blog is about another scam and hence browse away from it.

Did it really give such an impression?

I felt it did. The term was giving me an impression of a scam. My blog was not about a scam. Instead my purpose was to train the newbies on setting up an internet business. There were a lot of mistakes that I did and a lot of misguiding information that I fell prey to. I wanted to beware the newbies joining the internet to stay away from such information and set up a lot term internet marketing business. The objective of DKSpeaks was to develop “Internet Entrepreneurship” and help people start an online business.

This is where I decided that I will change my punchline and start giving my visitors an impression that is actually what my objective was.

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SEOLinkvine Review Are you struggling with your efforts to increase search engine ranking for your website?

You might have browsed through numerous pages in order to find a solution to boost your search engine rankings and would be all confused as to what to do next. It is not an unlikely situation to be in, because that is how internet marketing and online businesses work.

You might not be a stranger to the term, “Backlinks” by this time and you might also be aware that the easiest method to increase search engine ranking is to get as many quality backlinks as possible from authoritative sites.

Then let me first start by asking you to name the one most preferred way of getting good quality backlinks – Article Marketing?? Is that what you said? If you are one of whom said that, then full marks to you. If not, then you have learned something new here.

Yes, that is right! Article Writing and submission is one of the best ways to get high quality backlinks. You have to write numerous good and relevant articles and submit them to the top 15-20 article directories and ezine publishers and wait for these to get indexed. But, the million dollar question is – How will you write so many different articles to ensure that you don’t get banned for duplicate content?

All of these woes is addressed by one unique service that Brad Callen (the Keyword Elite Guy) has launched. This is called as SEO Link Vine.

What is SEO Link Vine?

SEO Link Vine is the same concept of getting backlinks that we were discussing a couple of paragraphs above but with a new age approach and polish applied to it.

Everything works the same way. You write an article and submit it – not to the article directories, instead to SEO Link Vine, which has an article spinner service which will help you churn out numerous unique articles from the same article. It will then submit these articles to hundreds and thousands of high quality blogs and websites which have high pageranks. This in turn will mean high quality links for your chosen keywords from authoritative websites and higher search engine rankings.

If you are wondering, this service is a legitimate one or, not, then don’t worry. It is an absolute white hat method and Brad Callen is itself the brand that stands behind this service.

Why am I so confident about this service? Because I was amongst the first ones to sign up for it and this has boosted one of my websites’ search engine rankings to the first page of Google thus increasing the traffic and in turn – the DOLLARS from the sale of the product advertised on the website.

I recommend that you check out SEOLinkVine today itself and sign up for it before they close the doors for any new signups.


In case you are looking for an article rewriting software, then the Rapid Rewriter Article Spinning Software is amongst the best choices. Based on your requirement Magic Article Rewriter could also serve the purpose extremely well.

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Statistical ObsessionHow much do you spend everyday evaluating the statistics of your blog, webpage, sales etc.?

It is an established fact that most of the newbies spend almost 70% of their time in evaluating the stats of whatever thing they are doing. Why am I so confident about it? It is because I too, was a victim of this when I was a complete newbie to Internet Marketing.

I call this the “Statistical Obsession Syndrome”. Its took me quite a while to understand that there was nothing that I could achieve by continuously evaluating the statistics.

No Businessman has ever achieved glory and profits by only evaluating their statistics. Too much of statistics is injurious to your business’s health.

At this point I would once again like to bring in the 80-20 principle. 80% of the results of what you do comes from 20% of the things that you do.

Statistics is definitely not one of these 20%. Let’s spend some time to evaluate what is it that you have gained in the past 15 days by evaluating your statistics.

  • Were your really able to increase the traffic to your website?
  • Were you able to increase your earnings from the internet by at least 50%?
  • Were you able to make that first blueprint of your business?
  • Were you able to decide on the first product that you were to launch?
  • Can you say that you have achieved twice as what you have achieved the last month?

I am sure that it will be difficult for you to answer all of these questions. It is obvious because you have spent a good amount of your time evaluating your statistics, time that you could have invested in a few other more important things in such a way that your achievement for the month could have been double of what you achieved the previous month.

When I question the reason for spending so much time on statistics, I don’t mean that statistics and their evaluation is absolutely useless. It is statistics that help you be on track. It helps you identify areas of improvement. It tells you what is good and can be kept the way it is and what requires improvement and changes.

But, like all other things excess of everything is bad. And excess of statistics is extremely bad.

I normally recommend statistical evaluation only once a week. Choose a day of comfort as per your schedules and evaluate all your statistics that day. Based on the evaluation that you have done, chalk out your plans so that you can work on these for the entire week and then review it the next week.

If done well statistics can be the base of your growth, but if done in excess it could be the worst thing you could do to your business.

What is your opinion on this?

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