What Does Your Online Marketing Say about Your Company?


When you are marketing for your company, you probably believe that you are trying to get people to know more about your products and services and trying to get those people to try those services. While this is what’s happening, you also have to realize that your offline and online marketing are reflections of your […]

4 Ways to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing


Balanced marketing campaigns see the best results; here’s how People have been prophesying the doom of traditional marketing for at least 15 years now; and while digital marketing continues to consume a larger and larger share of the marketplace, traditional tools are far from obsolete. Americans still watch 3 ½ hours of live television every […]

What Are The Main Factors To Consider While Creating A Landing Page?

landing pages creators

Landing pages play a very critical role in the success of the website of any company or, online business. When a viewer clicks on a certain ad related to your company or a search engine result or any other link which leads to your company, you need to make sure that the person is led […]

Importance of M-commerce in the scenario of Ecommerce


The world of business is changing with a rapid level due to the introduction of technologies like Mobile commerce (M-commerce) and Ecommerce. Not too long ago, that is, around 6 years back, Ecommerce and M-commerce concept started and industries started reporting an immense growth in the market. Similarities of Ecommerce and M-commerce Electronic commerce is […]

Pros and cons for marketers that purchase tweets


In the age of social media, there are few sites, which dominates in terms of popularity and Twitter is among them. It is considered as the second largest social networking site, which has more than 600 million people all across the world. Twitter is an effective tool not only just for socializing over the web […]

Top 5 Options of Google Reader You Should Try Now

With Google pushing because of with its programs to shutdown the famous Google Reader RSSfeed service on 01 July 2013, its faithful users have been stuffing to get the next greatest RSS service where they are able to take refuge. Apart from the truth that an extensive and dedicated user base will get impact once […]

Common mistakes while working on social media sites & how to avoid them

Social Media Mistakes

With rapid development in technology, social media has emerged as a major platform to reach millions of people at once. Social networks have always been a major part of life. With an improved interface provided by today’s internet technology, has revolutionized the way that organizations used to interact with public earlier. The irresistible force of […]

Free Online Classifieds – An Option You Should not Miss!

FREE online Classifieds have always been one of the best advertisement methods for people like you and me who do not have a huge budget, yet wanted to advertise. OLX is one such online india classifieds website which advertises a wide range of products. Olx is functional in more than 96 countries from its multiple […]

Ten Ways You Can Grow Your Small Business


Whether you’re a seasoned small business owner or you’re just starting out, there’s always room for a business to grow. Many people don’t employ all the tricks of the trade that they should when managing their business. There are certain guidelines that you should follow — and mistakes you should avoid — to attract clients […]