How can you make your Vblog look more impressive?


The interactive and catchy medium of Vblogging has become quite a sensation. One can either upload videos straight after recording them or work on them a bit to enhance their graphic appeal. Working on your recorded videos and developing them further has become really easy. The reason is the myriad of apps catering to this […]

How to add Google Talk Badge In Your Blog and Talk with Your Readers Live

google talk

Do you  have an online profile, a blog or anything such as a personal website? Would you prefer to communicate with users visiting your pages? This is no more an issue as now you can easily communicate with your readers live with the Google Talk feature. This feature is commonly called as the ‘chatback’ feature, […]

E-Commerce Post Penguin

post penguin

The world is warming up to the idea of buying things online. No wait! The world is buying everything online. Amazon has spoilt us for life. Less than a decade ago the book buying scene was something like this. Book lovers head to the closest Barns and Nobles, rummage through the myriad titles, pick a […]