5 Ways on How you Can Increase Your Business Profit Through Social Media

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Social media is an important part of doing business online nowadays and with all of the different strategies that you can use, you can be sure that you will find one perfect for your business. Some business owners are still a little bit confused about how social media can increase their profit, so to help some of the confusion, we will be going over 5 aspects that they should be aware of


One thing we all need to be successful on the internet is getting your business a website and  finding ways to get more traffic to it. There are billions of people using social media sites nowadays and we can take advantage of that by attracting them and convincing them to visit our websites. By implementing strategies that attract people, such as content marketing or promotions, people will be intrigued to check out what it is that you are offering or might just want to visit the site for more information.

The important part is that they end up on your website and it gives you the chance to convert them to customers, which is the next biggest part about gaining more revenue for your business.

Conversion Rates

As I just mentioned, once we get the traffic from


Things You Can Make Online That You Probably Weren’t Aware Of

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The internet is a fantastic tool for a million different things. From communicating with friends, to getting work done, to researching facts, there has seldom been anything more powerful at our fingertips.

It’s only recently though that technology has also given us incredible manufacturing and publishing tools as well, and enabled members of the public to create things in the same way that you might normally expect of a large organisation. Using the web it’s now possible to create all kinds of amazing things quickly and easily. Read on to find out some of the more interesting examples…


They say that everyone has a book in them, but certainly not ...


Sunday Roundup – Wondering Why You are Still Struggling?

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Social Media

As I read through the numerous articles and blog posts that I have subscribed to, in the last week, I realized one thing. Today’s internet marketing is only about 3 things:

Content Social Media and Whitehat Slow built SEO

One might feel that there is nothing new in it. You are grossly mistaken then. You probably did not notice the term “Only” in the above paragraph. Gone are the days when everything from automated link building from sites that mushroomed on the internet during the monsoons, only to be found nowhere the next monsoon… to buying links and stuffing keywords anywhere and everywhere including your names as you comment on other blogs. What is thriving today is planned and slow built Whitehat SEO.

Social Media ...


3 Ways to Add Spunk to Your Website

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A great website is more than just a beautiful design. A lot of psychology has to go into your choice of color, layout, and content. While your designer may be able to deliver your attractive design, you’ll need to rely on other experts to improve your site’s impact.

Some experts insist that engagement is the key to online success. But this term is more than just a catch phrase. It’s a measurement of your site’s ability to interact with visitors in order to achieve your business objectives.

Without engagement, your site is doomed to failure. Good engagement captures your visitors in every aspect of the site especially in the areas of design, content, and functionality. Engage your ...


Why Should You Join the Regal Gold Affiliate Program?

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regal assets affiliate offer


If you have not heard about the Regal Gold affiliate program you can visit the link and know more about it.

It is not long that I joined their affiliate program and before I get onto the Whys and the Hows, I recommend that you should join them. If you wish to know more about why I am so strongly recommending them, then read on.

Currency is declining and so are the value of the investments. There are hundreds and thousands of people investing in various forms of currencies just to secure their future, rather I should say their retirement. Gold IRA companies target these customers and encourage them to invest their money into Gold rather than ...


Sunday Roundup: Internet Marketing This Week!

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internet marketing tips

While most newbies will still be wondering as to what is the relation between blogging, social media, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and likes, some of the GURUs have already ventured into advanced arenas which probably even the intermediates like you and me will take at least a few months to learn and master.

At least that was what I learnt from trying to aggregate the best content for the week from the internet.

Here are some of the best in internet marketing that I could aggregate for this week’s Sunday Roundup. Hope you enjoy this.

5 Minute Tutorial to Create Free Blog iPhone App Using BloApp These days I’m working on filling the missing spot here at ShoutMeLoud. What I ...


Promoting Business through Social Media

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social media

As the social networking continue to increase and rise significantly, with more and more people using social media to brands their products and services and are seeing it as the excellent tool for connecting to each other, creating and building meaningful relationships. Take note that successful businesses know that they need to be where the most people are, and social media is the best place to look into because this is where they are.

What can you do? The traditional media is slowly losing its impact over consumers because people are getting smarter and they are no longer falling for celebrity endorsements or gimmicky jingles anymore. More and more people rely too much in the internet to get the information they ...


Top Ways You Can Use Google+ to Build a Web Presence

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You can see a gigantic crowd that resolves around the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Though it’s just two years to see Google Plus joining the bandwagon of social media sites, yet this platform has made its mark in this domain. It has grown a sizeable amount of people over it all these years and by adding a number of tools and features, now Google + gives a good fight to the already powerful players like Facebook and Twitter.

As per reports, world’s top 72 brands out of 100 have their profiles over Google Plus wherein they are posting content regularly to leverage from this platform for being the brainchild of the giant search ...


Sunday Roundup – The Week in Social Media!

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Social Media Tips

Social Media is probably one of the most dynamic things on the internet today. Everything from Facebook to Zurker is changing everyday. If you are wondering why; then the answer to this is the changing habit of the Web Surfer.

All social media sites are constantly learning from the behavior of the user (if you have not noticed this, then you should start reading the small pop-up boxes that keep popping when you are browsing your social media profile.

Which so many new things about social media, on the web, it was very difficult to gather the best content from around the web for you. But finally here they are for the week.

The Best Content Marketing Advice Ever What’s ...


Sunday Roundup – What has changed in Blogging?

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blogging tips

Blogging has changed over the last 18 months or, so. A considerable amount of this change has to be attributed to the changes that Google brought about over the above said timeperiod. Algorithm changes, withdrawal of helpful tools not limited to the external keyword research tool and Google reader and many such other changes including the way guest posting will now be looked at by Google, all have in some way or, the other, impacted blogging and bloggers.

In this week’s Sunday Roundup, I found some interesting articles from my favorite blogs from around the web focusing on blogging and writing.

11 Fatal Mistake Bloggers Make : Things To Avoid Failure is wonderful. I thank failure because without mistakes ...


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