Website for Sale – Tweeting Tip is on Flippa!

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Website on Sale at Flippa

My blog on Twitter tips is on sale at Flippa.

Tweeting Tips was started in June ’09. I had started the blog with an intention of writing about Twitter and tips on getting the most out of the micro blogging platform. I wrote more than 40 posts on the blog in the past year or, so. It’s now been quite some time that I had written anything there. Not because I have lost interest, but because I am unable to find time for it.

I am working on my business plans on starting my own company and also on launching a few products in the next couple of months. I did not want to tax myself too much and that is where I decided on selling off the blog.

Why should you buy Tweeting Tips?

Tweeting Tips is on sale at Flippa. I have quoted a buy it now price of $750.00 for the blog. But why should you buy Tweeting Tips -

Tweeting Tips has one of the best domain names that is keyword researched and is in itself worth the purchase. Thesis is the theme on which Tweeting Tips runs. The theme is not customized but you will get the licensed theme for free along with the blog. You can check out the cost of the theme at their website. You get 45 unique articles that were written for Tweeting ...


Hosting Options: Hosting for Dummies

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Best Hosting plan

If you plan on operating a website or any online program where your content will be published on the Internet, you will have to host your files on a server in order to make it accessible online. The online hosting niche contains a variety of different types of hosting methods that include services from professional hosting experts and alternative do it yourself techniques.

Hosting is designed to provide you with access to the Internet and will allow you to deposit your website files to a server so they can be accessed online. All the files related to your website will be situated in the hosting server, which acts as the port from where Internet users can retrieve the information by essentially ...


Popup Domination 2.0 review – The Best list building Tool

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popup domination review

Do I really need to review Popup Domination 2.0?

If you have just started out on your online business or, blog you would by now have read a thousand blog posts that say that “the Money is in the List”.

If you have still not understood the importance of having a list, then it is time to do that now. I have often seen most newbie marketers selling affiliate products, sending traffic directly to the seller’s website. In doing this they loose valuable stock in terms of the email contacts of the people who they sent there, thus leading to loss of profits.

One of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing is building a list. If you have plans of setting up ...


Getting Started with Freelancing Online

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This is a guest post by Melissa Tamura. If you to wish to guest post at, you can read the guidelines to guest posting here.

People who want to get started with freelancing can find a wealth of online opportunities. Both those who are established in their fields and those who are looking to break into a new field can find freelance work to either begin or expand their portfolios. Some of the most common freelance professions are discussed below.

Freelance Writing

Writing is perhaps the most popular avenue through which freelancers get started on the web. There are numerous opportunities for freelance writers all over the web. Anyone who wants to begin freelancing this way should educate ...


5 Pages that Every Blog should have to be Reader Optimized

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Blog Pages

People take to blogging the moment they hear about one of those thousands of success stories of ordinary people becoming millionaires on the internet just by blogging. Most of these people have very little or, no knowledge about blogging and their blogs become a disaster.

Even more disappointing is the fact that there are thousands of blogs out there on the internet which do well in terms of their search engine rankings and pageranks. But these blogs offer little or, no reader experience.

What could be the problem with these blogs?

The problem is that they are not reader-optimized.

What is Reader Optimization?

This is what I call “reader optimization” -

A blog that is optimized to provide the reader a smooth navigation through its pages ...


16 Exclusive Tools required for your Internet Marketing Business

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Blogging tools

Internet Marketing is simple, if you understand how to do it. Yet only 10% of the total people getting into Internet marketing succeeds and are able to make a living out of their online businesses.

If you are wondering why, then it is because of the following -

People think that Internet marketing is extremely simple and we are used to excusing ourselves from doing things that are extremely simple, just because they are simple. (We all know that going for a walk can do wonders to you health. Walking is the simplest thing to do. But most of us prefer not to do it.) People get drifted away at the various options of making money online and end up buying everything that ...


The 9 Step Secret to Huge List Building!

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List Building Secret

One aspect that I have seen most of the Internet Marketers ignore is list building. We, internet marketers are so much engrossed into money-making that that we often forget simple things like building a list.

When I started with Internet Marketing, I too had not idea of list building. My way was simple. I would create an ad for the product I was promoting and I would send all the traffic from these ads to the vendors’ website, the product that I was promoting. I was spending a good amount of money in these ads. My earnings were not enough to meet my expenses. All the while as I did this, I was building the list for the vendor.

After a while ...


Is Success a boon or, a bane? Shoemoney speaks.

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Affiliate Marketing Future is one of my favorite blogs. Not because it gives me a lot of information or, that there are a lot of articles on blogging or, internet marketing, but because I am inspired by Jeremy. Everything on his blog is of inspiration to me. I get the stimuli to make it as big as Shoemoney one day when I read his blog.

But off and on, I have seen quite a few posts at shoemoney, which kind of shook me to the core. I couldn’t quite agree with what Jeremy had written in his post.

One such post that he wrote some time back was this one.

It was a response to a commentator who had challenged Shoe ...


Kontera’s New Synapse Engine – Opportunity to earn more

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Kontera in-text advertising

Are you optimally monetizing your blogs or, website?

If you are not using an in-text advertising in your blog, then you are not optimally monetizing it.

Why is it that I have boldened the word “Optimally”?

Most of the blogs are monetized because that is the primary objective behind every blog. While monetization is important it is also important that you maintain the user experience and do not destroy it. This leads us to the point that obtrusion in the form of pop-ups and other banners should be kept to the minimum.

While most of the blogs manage to do this they loose out on valuable revenue that they could otherwise be earning.

There is definitely a solution to it – ...


Are You Struggling With Blogging?

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Blogging Tips

So, you’ve taken the plunge, jumped on the bandwagon, and started a blog! Good for you! The only trouble is, after a few weeks or months, you’re struggling to keep it up, it doesn’t seem to be working, and you’re getting frustrated and demotivated.

In the interests of making your blogging career a little easier, here are my top tips to make the process of starting and running a blog a little easier.

Find the Right Platform – There are many, many blog platforms out there. Some are free, some are paid for. They vary from the technical, to the super simple, with some requiring more knowledge of how the internet works, and others using simple drag and drop interfaces. If you’re ...


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