3 Methods of Using your Follow Up Autoresponder to Increase Sales

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Autoresponder Tips

When it comes to autoresponders, these can be great tools to help you increase your sales as long as you use them the correct way. Autoresponders are designed to help you with some of the more mundane tasks of your business, but are necessary to help you keep your customers aware of you and your business.

The first thing that your autoresponder can do is automate your customers subscribing to your mailing list. They are able to click the subscribe button on your website, and your responder can send out an email asking them to click a link to confirm their subscription. This is becoming more common as then you know the person truly meant to subscribe. Once you have them in your list, the autoresponder is able to give you information about whether they are reading the emails, what they are clicking on, and if they decide they want to leave your list, the autoresponder can handle that for you as well.

A big reason to have an autoresponder is that they say it takes multiple exposures to a product before a customer decides to buy it. You need to expose your customer to the information several times, and the autoresponder can handle this for you. You do need to be careful how often you are sending out emails, as ...


5 Tips to Copywriting Your Content Better

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5 Tips to Copywriting Your Content Better

With so many new businesses popping up all over the Internet, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. To help set you apart, you have to remember that when you’re trying to market or sell anything online, you’ll never get anywhere if your content isn’t as close to perfect as possible. In order to connect to your target audience, you have to write content that will make them want to buy or use whatever it is you’re selling. If your content doesn’t look fresh and clean, neither will your product or, your business.

These 5 tips to copywriting your content can help you churn out content that is marketable.

Tip #1: Always Proofread

The most important tip to keep in ...


Email Interaction – Why you should respond to all your emails?

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Email Ettiquettes

I am a regular reader of almost all the top blogs in the Internet Marketing world. I get a fresh perspective to things, when I read these blogs. I learn new things and am also able to getting a different view on things that I already know about.

It was during once such session that I decided on writing a guest post for one of the blogs owned by a Big Boy in blogging. I respect the individual and consider him an ideal for myself. I had a very good idea for the guest post and spent that night working on it. I was sure that the post will be accepted by the blogger because it was on a topic that ...


7 Tips to Write an ebook and Sell it

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Writing an ebook

This is a guest post on “How to write an ebook” by Nichole Weathers. In case you wish to guest post, read the guidelines.

Many people are choosing to write an ebook and sell them. Not only are e-books popular amongst customers, but, you, as the author, can avoid the hassles of paper publishing.   After you write an book, all you have to do is provide customers with a download link after purchase. Sometimes even that will be handled for you by a third party. Like many other passive income businesses, you do the work once and keep reaping the rewards for life.

If you are considering venturing into this arena of ...


Getting to the Top of Search Engine Rankings – SEOPressor

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Honest SEOPressor Review

What does it take to be on top of the Search Engine Rankings?

Stupid question, isn’t it? A few of the newbies starting out on the internet can bash me up for a stupid question like this because they are the ones who struggle the most to get their websites on the first page of search engines. The GURUS do it so easily that most of their websites where they are promoting their affiliate products rank on the first pages of search engines. Consequently they sweep the money and the newbies go empty-handed.

If you have spent a bagful of money in buying at least a couple of courses or, ebooks that claim to teach you how to optimize your websites and ...


Get Educated About Internet Marketing Techniques

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Internet Marketing Education

This is a guest post by Shirley Kelly. You can check out the guidelines to guest posting here.

Internet marketing can be a scary venture for individuals who are new to how Internet marketing actually works. People often overlook the importance of marketing their website due to their lack of knowledge. However, the best way to overcome the fear of venturing into unfamiliar territory is to get educated about the things you have very little knowledge about.

Let us assume you have just finished creating a spectacular website that has all the bells and whistles. You are confident that visitors to your website will find it very useful and the overall objective of the ...


Email Marketing Tips – The importance of a Subject.

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Importance of an Email Subject

“Your PayPal payment of $xxxx!”

“You’re APPROVED…”

“Re: Your $100 guarantee…”

Have you come across these sentences ever?

I am sure you have seen emails with these subjects in your inbox, if you had ever shared your name and email addresses on any of the self-proclaimed GURU’s websites promising a free download of some information.

What was your first reaction?

It is increasingly becoming a trend to use these kind of subject lines in marketing emails that are delivered to you inbox. Does it really work?

The first couple of times it might work. But in the second instance you will surely unsubscribe from the list unless you are too lazy to do it. What people using such subject lines forget is the fact that email marketing ...


5 Elements of a Successful Fanpage on Facebook

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Successful facebook fanpage

In one of my earlier posts we discussed about the importance of creating a Fanpage on Facebook. Facebook is the hottest thing in the world of Internet Marketing right now. The GURUS are cashing in on this phenomenon by releasing courses and ebooks on how to create a successful marketing campaign on Facebook.

Creating a Fanpage on Facebook is not a difficult task. All that you need to do is browse over to this page at Facebook and follow the simple instructions there. In less than 5 minutes you can create a Fan page. But, does it guarantee you success? Will this be the best Fan page to build your business?

Of course, not.

Had it been the case, ...


WordPress 3.0 Launched – wpdb::get_blog_prefix() error

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Wordpress 3.0

Automattic  – the creators of WordPress released their thirteenth major release code named as “Thelonious” and otherwise called as WordPress 3.0.

It is indeed worth the upgrade and the options of upgrading should already be available in your blog admin pages. So what is new in WordPress 3.0. Let’s take a quick look at it -

New Default Theme (Twenty Ten): One of the most refreshing changes is that Kubrick is gone and there is a new default theme called as the Twenty Ten theme. This is to go with the new theme APIs. Twenty Ten is a more modern and flexible theme that takes advantage of a lot of the new features. A Newer and Lighter Admin Interface: WordPress 3.0 ...


Affiliate Secrets Explained – $9.95 Weekend Sale!

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Affiliate Secrets Explained Sale

Internet Marketing is about making a living online. It is about starting an online business without the huge investments involved like in a traditional business. Then why should you be spending a fortune to build an online business?

It is true that you can start an online business with as little as $10.00. There are lots of stuffs that are available free of cost on the internet that you can use to build your online business. But how will you find these free stuffs?

Let me ask myself a question. Did I have to spend money on building my Internet Marketing business?

The answer is “Yes”. I spent a lot of money online and kept buying products after products, falling into the traps ...


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