What is Kajabi? Kajabi review Vs Optimizepress Review

What is KajabiWhat is Kajabi? Kajabi has been one of the most hyped about launches in the recent days. But there are quite a few people who are still wondering, what is Kajabi?

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a push-button marketing software that can make creating launch pages, membership sites, squeeze pages etc. a matter of a few button clicks. Almost all of the latest launches by the Internet marketing GURUS were done on Kajabi.

The launch of Kajabi was much hyped and it was supposed to be the next best thing in Internet marketing after affiliate Marketing. How justified was this hype?

A smart and quick review of the software showed that it was not something that any internet marketer could afford. You can see that in the video below.

Optimizepress reviewThen what is the solution and why should one be so desperate to buy something like Kajabi? Is it the “Powered by Kajabi” factor?

What is Kajabi alternative?

I wanted something like Kajabi to smoothen the process of creating squeeze pages and launch pages and also to run my membership sites. What is Kajabi alternative? As I searched the internet for an alternative I stumbled upon what is called the “Optimizepress” wordpress theme.

Optimizepress is the alternative to Kajabi. Optimizepress can do everything that Kajabi does and has an added advantage to Kajabi.

  1. While Kajabi requires a monthly subscription, Optimizepress is a one-time payment.
  2. Kajabi hosts everything on their servers and has a bandwidth limitation whereas Optimizepress is a wordpress theme and is hosted on your own servers. Your server bandwidth is all available for you.
  3. You get limited accounts with Kajabi whereas you can use Optimizepress on unlimited accounts.
  4. Kajabi is not affordable whereas Optimizepress is affordable.

You can know more about this in the below video where I review both of these.

Just go for Optimizepress. You can order it here.

So, now that you are aware of the comparison, don’t wonder what is kajabi?