Optimizepress 2 Vs WP Profit Builder – Why I made the Change?


It’s been about 3 years that I have been using Optimizepress. I have been a customer since they launched their Version 1.0. Then towards the beginning of this year when they launched Optimizepress 2.0, I was pretty impressed with the features and the functionalities and I jumped straight into it. Obviously, I got it for a discounted price since I was a customer with them. Since then I have been using OP 2.0 on a lot of my websites. In fact till about some time back this blog of mine also ran the OP2.0 theme and I was pretty happy with it.

It was about a couple of weeks back that WP Profit Builder was launched by Sean Donahue and it took the internet marketing world by storm. WP Profit builder was a feature rich offering and was available as a theme or, plugin. Add to it the nice options that it had and you had the perfect competitor for Optimizepress 2.0. (You can see my detailed demo video of WP Profit Builder).

Optimizepress 2 Vs WP Profit Builder

How does OP 2.0 compare to WP Profit Builder? Let us do an Optimizepress 2 Vs WP Profit Builder duel.

One of the biggest problems with most landing page creator is that they come either as a plugin or, a theme. If you are somebody who is looking for the other option for a particular product, you are stuck. If you are running a specific theme and the plugin is not compatible with the theme, then you need to do the run-around and you are stuck again.

Similarly in case of a product that comes as a theme, you might just not want to use the theme because of many other customizations that you might have done with the theme, but you will be stuck again because you have no choice.

This is where both OP 2.0 and WP Profit Builder scores. Both of these come as a theme and a plugin. So you have the flexibility of deciding what option you want to go with. But there ends the similarities.

Now let us look at where they differ.


One of the biggest problems with designing a page in wordpress is the switching back and forth that you have to do, to see how your design is actually getting rendered in the browser. Optimize press 2.0 also has this problem. You can design a beautiful page, but you will want to open that page in a browser to actually see how it looks. Though the live editor is good in Optimizepress, you still need to open the page in another browser to view it. Moreover, adding and customizing elements again takes a back and forth on the editor window.

The live editor in WP Profit Builder is a next generation editor. You design your page in real time with and immediate view of how it is going to look. Since the interface is a drag-and-drop editor, adding, deleting and customizing elements, all happens in real time and in real view.

optimizepress 2.0 vs wp profit builder


If you are like me, then you wouldn’t want to spend time fiddling with creating a new landing page from scratch. Rather I prefer taking a proven, high converting page and just redesigning it to my liking. It is hence that you need templates.

Optimizepress provides you with about 30 templates for landing pages, squeeze pages, webinar pages etc. They are also releasing new and new templates every month. But if you need access to any of those, you need to be a member of their inner circle, which they call the “Optimizepress Clubhouse”. But that means shelling out another $149.00/year.

WP Profit Builder comes with more than 60 per-designed templates and they are adding more to the collection. And this doesn’t cost you anything extra.

In fact WP Profit Builder comes with an add-on service called as Launchpad which is a one time payment. Launchpad is a remote WordPress installer that installs a wordpress site in a few clicks and the best part is that it will be all ready with the essential plugins and some demo content. That saves quite a lot of time, I can assure you of that.


It is here that Optimizepress 2.0 dropped off my favorite list. I received and email a few days back from the guys at OP, saying that my subscription is expired and that I will now not receive any updates or, support. While the support part was okay and I will not deny that fact that there is a cost to it, the updates part was something that got me irritated.

You see, I have been using OP 1.0 for quite some time. There were multiple instances where the version developed a vulnerability and its compatibility with WordPress was also a problem, when WordPress upgraded. I was unable to use the theme until the OP guys came out with an update. With WordPress coming out with a new and improved version every month, it is just a matter of time that my version of Optimizepress 2.0 stops working. And then I am stuck because if I do not renew my subscription for $75.00, I will not get the updated version.

While with WP Profit Builder, all updates are free for life. What would be your opinion – OP 2.0 or, WP Profit Builder?

And, with the kind of support that Sean and his team delivers, the decision is clear.


All that we spoke about until now should be more than enough for anybody to pick Profit Builder over OP 2.0. And we are still left with the pricing..

OP 2.0 comes for about $197 for a 10 site license and $297.00 for an unlimited license. But still no developer license here. While Profit Builder comes for $67.67 for an unlimited developer license.

The Verdict

My verdict is loud and clear and so was my decision. I decided that WP Profit Builder was the one that I would go with and hence shunned Optimizepress 2.0 for good.

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WP Profit Builder













  • Simple to Use Interface
  • Multiple Templates
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades
  • Unlimited Use With Developer's License Included


  • Delayed Support Response
  • Conflicts With Some Plugins