How Web Designers Use Social Media To Get Clients

social media web designing

Any business professional can benefit from using social media to attract new clients and engage existing clients. This goes doubly or even triply so for web designers. It’s likely that many of your competitors already use social media to target potential new clients and with good reason. The majority of your target market already uses … Read more

The Basics of How to SEO your Website’s Videos

Video SEO

SEO consultants have to stay ahead of the game when it comes to website visibility. Google seems to be constantly updating their rules and regulations and therefore the task of reaching an optimum place in the rankings and staying there is hardly the easiest of jobs. Fortunately there are many ways in which you can … Read more

How to Make Most From Your Blog RSS Feed

Monetizing RSS Feeds

RSS, often called Rich Text Summary or Really Simple Syndication allows publishers to make available their content to the audience in real time as they publish it. As for the readers this handy function lets them collect updates from their favorite sites from a single place, without having to search for bookmarks etc. RSS Feeds … Read more

How Email Marketing Can Complement Your Blogging Efforts!

Email Marketing and Blogging

Blogging for increased business is a provable practice. Combined with email marketing, a small business can make blogging work even better. You may not have considered email marketing because it’s often thought of as spam, or coupons, rather than true marketing by some. But the fact is, Email marketing is for all types of businesses, … Read more

Top Photo Apps to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Photo Apps

For today’s marketers and entrepreneurs, social media is an important tool in getting the word out about their products and services. But as the old saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words — especially with the rise to near-ubiquity of Instagram, and the dominance of photo based content on networks such as Facebook … Read more

The True Nature of Article Spinning: Why You Should Stop Doing It?

Article Spinning

It’s funny how certain memories suddenly re-appear when certain words start ringing in your ear. I had the opportunity to join SEMCON way back in 2010 and I got to meet a lot of SEO experts at that particular convention. One of those SEO experts was Benj Arriola. He was actually one of the speakers … Read more

6 Tips for a Better Cross-channel Shopping Experience

shopping experience

As more and more new technologies compete for consumers’ attention in the marketplace, consumers are often choosing to use multiple sources of input to make a single purchasing decision. For instance, a consumer may initially see a product she likes in your store’s catalog, further research the purchase using the store’s mobile app, then read … Read more

Simple Tips to Opening an Online Storefront

Opening a Storefront

Consumers spend millions of dollars each year shopping online and the trend isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. In fact, online shopping is predicted to triple in the next decade. Corporations aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this phenomenon. Individuals all over the country are opening online storefronts and reaping the benefits of … Read more

Should You Pay to Climb Facebook’s News Feed?

facebook cupcakes

Does Facebook have your credit card number? Unless you’ve purchased a sidebar ad for your company, or paid to promote a post since that option was launched for business pages last spring, the answer is probably no. They’re hoping to change that — and fast. Ever since their initial public offering last May, Facebook’s stock … Read more

The Role of SEO in Your Blog and How to Benefit From it

SEO benefits

While some people seem to think that blogging is the end-all-be-all of internet marketing, those who actually maintain a blog know that it is hard work. Not only must you have the discipline to write appealing content on a regular basis, but you have to entice people to read it. While many businesses establish a … Read more

Positive Presence of Social Media in To Your On-line Business

social media presence

If there is an indication on how social media is helping industries across the globe, social media has changed the landscape in wheeling and dealing with marketing and prospecting. Almost every large-scale company has tapped on doing business online and is riding the social media wagon to strategize and expand their reach. It is one … Read more

How to Use Social Media for Better Customer Service

customer service and social media

One of the toughest challenges that marketers around the world experience is retaining customers more than acquiring new ones. With so many players for a given product or service it is not difficult to see why retaining customers can actually cut down costs. Customers switch vendors for a variety of reasons, and the most common … Read more