Optimizepress 3.0 Vs Thrive Architect – Full Comparison and Who Wins?

Optimizepress 3.0 vs thrive architect

So a few weeks back Optimizepress 3.0 was released which is the latest version of the famous and probably the first landing page builder created for us marketers, called as OptimizePress.

Optimizepress has gone through a ton of changes since they first launched. Their version 1.0 was a shortcode based landing page builder.

It was a pain in the wrong place but it still was a blessing to people like us who wanted to build their own landing pages and didn’t have the budget to shell out a few hundred dollars to get a landing page designer.

The biggest help that Optimizepress provided was when we had to create squeeze pages. Optimizepress simplified squeeze page creation in spite of the fact that we had to use shortcodes.

The best part about it was that you didn’t have to write a single line of code. You could just select blocks and the shortcodes would automatically get added.

But then things changed on the internet and there was a flood of landing page builders.

Some of them launched with a lot of advanced features. In fact the focus shifted to usage friendliness and landing page builders started building an interface that was easier to use.

It was here that Optimizepress slightly lagged behind in the race.

And then came Thrive themes with a revolutionary drag and drop and inline editing feature, which changed the way you could create landing pages.

Optimizepress was further pushed back and users started switching to Thrive themes and other landing page builders like Profit Builder (read the review here) who could provide better functionality at a reduced cost.

Now after 9 years of OP 1.0 being released, James Dyson is releasing a new version of the Optimizepress landing page builder with the latest launch of Optimizepress 3.0

But the big question is, how does it compare to the other landing page builders and will Optimizepress 3.0 be able to catch up with all what the others have to offer.

In this post let us do a quick comparison of Optimizepress 3.0 Vs Thrive Architect

Optimizepress 3.0 Vs Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a part of the Thrive Themes bundle. Thrive themes is a complete suite of products you will need for your marketing. It has –

  1. Thrive Leads – Which is an optin form builder with a lot of functionalities in it
  2. Thrive Quiz Builder – a quiz builder that you can use to build quizzes for your audience and accordingly segment them and build your email list
  3. Thrive Ovation – to capture and use Testimonials from your customers and readers
  4. Thrive ultimatum – which is a simple plugin to create evergreen countdowns
  5. Thrive Headline Optimizer – A/b test your headlines and pick the ones that get the most results.
  6. Thrive Comments – a plugin to organize, manage and display the comments on your blog in a nicer way
  7. Thrive Clever Widgets – a plugin to take control of how, where and when you widgets should be displayed
  8. Thrive Architect – the landing page builder
  9. Thrive Optimizer – a plugin to A/b test your landing pages.

Now that’s a huge list of plugins. And all of these plugins are in addition to a handful of premium WordPress themes that are also included as part of the package.

Thrive themes is a membership, so there is a recurring annual charge to get the latest updates and support for all the plugins and themes.

Optimizepress 3.0 is also a membership and there is an annual charge if you want to get the latest updates and support.

It includes the following –

  1. The Optimizepress Landing page builder
  2. The OptimizeMember plugin – this is a membership plugin
  3. The Optimizepress Smarttheme which is a wordpress theme you can use to build beautiful blogs.

Pricing for the Suites

For approximately the same number of installations, the 2 are priced as follows –

Thrive Theme – $19/month for 25 websites which comes out to $228/year which is basically a simple pricing strategy which tells you what you are supposed to pay and what you can expect.

Optimizepress 3.0 – $297/onetime for 30 websites. So that practically comes to about $20/month for the first year. But as a limited time offer this is available for $197/onetime.

Now this only includes 1 year of updates and support which practically means that after 1 year you will not get any updates if you don’t renew. And with the amount of changes that WordPress goes through and the number of versions that they release, it is just a matter of time when the plugin will be incompatible with the latest version and hence becomes obsolete.

So that means that you will have no option but to renew the license, which they usually price at about 50% of the original cost of the plugin.

This pricing strategy is somewhat deceptive. I would rather have liked it, if Optimizepress put an annual charge to the plugin. At least that way I knew I will be paying an annual charge till the time I want to use the plugin.

If you look at the pricing, OP 3.0 is priced a little better, about $30 lesser at the limited time offer. But at the normal pricing it is priced extremely high in comparison to Thrive themes.

So from a price perspective, Thrive Themes wins because in spite of being priced a little higher their package offers you a lot much for every dollar spent.

Core Product Features – Landing Page Builder

Now let us look at what the core product in both these packages – the landing pages have to offer.

Thrive Architect is a superb plugin and I think it is what changed the entire editing experience in WordPress. Their inline-editor is smooth as butter and the editing experience in itself is superb.

Thrive architect inline editor
Thrive Architect Inline-Editor

The folks at the Thrive themes have an excellent team who keeps building and enhancing this experience which is evident from the changes that this plugin has gone through over the last 4-5 years.

Thrive Architect was earlier called as Thrive Content Builder. The name change itself reflects on what the plugin would have undergone in terms of a change fundamentally.

The changes they implemented ranged from simple changes like changing the position of the editor buttons and elements to drastic changes like changing the complete editor itself for smoother editing experience and transitioning.

The best part in all this is that, all of these changes are part of an existing framework. So they wouldn’t ask you anything extra and they wouldn’t price the entire thing again and ask you to buy and install a new plugin.

In comparison Optimizepress were the ones who revolutionized the landing page builder market. But their team is a little laid back in terms of adapting to the market requirements.

If you know about what happened to Nokia in the mobile phone market, you will realize what I am talking about.

It is important to keep up with the market requirement and Optimizepress somehow seems to be a little lazy in this.

On top of this, whenever they come out with a newer enhanced version, they have a different pricing structure altogether, which they seem to have done away with this time (hopefully).

So when they released Optimizepress 2.0, they wanted all their existing users to buy it again. And this was a completely different plugin, so you had to uninstall the earlier version and install the newer one.

Again the landing pages you built with the earlier version didn’t work with the new version. I would still have been okay with this considering the framework was completely different.

But having to buy the plugin again was a little too much to ask. They could just have pushed the new version to their existing customers with the expectation that there will be an annual charge and that they will have to renew the license every year.

From the perspective of enhancements too, they are pretty slow. They have introduced the inline-editing option in Optimizepress 3.0, when Thrive themes introduced it almost 4-5 years back. Isn’t that a little too slow from the perspective of adapting to the market?

Just take a look at the inline editor below and you will find a lot of similarity to the Thrive Architect inline editor from almost 3 years back.

Optimizepress 3.0 inline editor
The Optimizepress 3.0 Inline Editor

And this also makes me a little skeptical on how proactive and prompt they will be in the future.

So on this aspect, again I will prefer Thrive themes in comparison to Optimizepress.


The entire landing page editor in Thrive Architect itself is very simple to use and even if you are a newbie who has had no experience in building landing pages, you can put together a beautiful landing page by simply picking one of the many beautiful templates that are available and customizing it to your taste.

They have refined a lot of the features like selecting a font-group for the different elements in the landing page, creating a re-usable element etc.

There are some excellent features in Thrive Architect which are not available in their competitors including Optimizepress 3.0.

One of this feature is the ability to edit images and use it in the landing page. You wouldn’t need Photoshop if you are using Thrive Architect. You can create beautiful image based backgrounds and edit them to look as if you had edited them in Photoshop.

Optimizepress 3.0 offers nothing new except the option of A/B testing your landing pages, without installing another plugin which is something you will have to do in Thrive Architect.

Otherwise the features are pretty much the same as in Thrive Architect. In fact is is a little lesser than in Thrive Architect.

So again, from the perspective of an overall features per dollar spent, Thrive Architect is much ahead of Optimizepress 3.0

Support – Promptness and Help

Now we come to the last aspect which is the Support.

I didn’t find a lot of difference in the response times of the support staff in both of them. But one thing that is worth mentioning is that the support staff at Thrive themes is a little extra polite and can still give you some basic help and support even if you didn’t renew your subscription.

But the folks at Optimizepress were a little too blunt in saying “No” to support. So, if you did not renew your license and wanted some help from them, even if it is very basic, be ready to hear a blunt “Sorry, we cannot help”, from them.

Though I wouldn’t blame them for this because ideally you are not entitled to any support if you do not renew your license and if you have that expectation, then that in itself is wrong.

Thrive themes also has an excellent forum from which you can get answers to most of your problems. But this too is only available for their members. So if you subscription expired and you didn’t renew it, then you wouldn’t be able to use this.

So from an overall support perspective, based on the approach of the support staff, I think Thrive Themes wins again.

Overall Verdict

The decision was pretty easy. In more than one aspect, Thrive Themes is better than Optimizepress. So if you are looking for a good landing page builder solution, then Thrive Themes is what you should go with.

I am a fan of Thrive Themes and absolutely love them.

But just as they say, “Your first love is always closer to your heart”. So, somewhere I have a soft corner for Optimizepress because they taught me the art of building landing pages.

If you aren’t looking for too many features and are okay to ignore some of the shortcomings in the developers of the plugin and are okay with their development pace, then go for Optimizepress.

But again that will be your personal choice and decision. (Disclaimer..lol)

You can check out both of these at the below links –

Do let me know your thoughts about this comparison. If you would like me to compare any other features, just comment below and let me know and I will add that to this post.

What’s your favorite page builder? Comment below and let me know why you like it.

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