This is a guest post by Rod on Why your site is invisible in Google SERP.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Each time you click any or all of the ads on our websites, it is like Christmas to us. Indeed, a click can turn unexpectedly into good profit. Of course, cash flow was very staggered at first; but upon improvements, money came in eventually and surprisingly at any time during the day.

Actually, this ingenious concept is mostly observed on social networking sites, blogs or video streaming sites all over the web, where viewer traffic is significantly increased. This concept is popularized by Google as AdSense where Google sponsors ads and half of the profit for every click goes to us, or all website owners who agree on these ads to be posted on their sites. Here’s a more elaborate picture of how it works.

Google AdSense: How it works

The moment you type any word on a Google search engine bar, that word will be matched with the keywords optimized for all websites all over the Net. Matching research results will pull up and you will observe sponsored links laid out on specific areas. Google, as the leading search engine, earns millions through these sponsored links. Basically, Google sells a parcel of its webpage to a business that needs web advertising and every click on those links means more earnings for Google.

To offer more spaces for more advertisements and to earn more profit as well, Google introduced to us AdSense wherein this time, Google deals with us, website owners, for us to sell certain areas of our pages where the ads they sponsor can be positioned. Google still earns for every click on those ads and we, as owners, are being paid half of what they earn depending on the traffic.

Raking Profits

What we do to earn from those clicks is based on our websites—creating articles that trigger the interest of the majority, updating and improving our sites and utilizing easily searchable keywords that will lead you directly to us. If 10 people all over the world visit our site every minute, there’s a big chance that may be 2 out of 10 will click on the Google ads. Thus, we earn somewhere from $0.01 to $1.00 for every click. And so this cycle continues and even intensifies.

If this trade interests you by any chance, we can provide you some helpful insights on how to improve your website.

We get to various sites on the World Wide Web not by memorizing each domain name, but by searching for them on Google. So as a website owner, we compete for more web traffic to get more profitable ads by making sure our website is not “search engine invisible.”

Here are some tips to guide you:

Invest on a good website design

A good website does not rely only on artistic or exceptional designs. We consider as well the speed of loading time, presence of social syndication, quality of optimization, and accessibility of embedded links. Failure to address these conditions surely leads to very poor ranking.

Make your content “Google-readable”

Although the use of photos add more twist to our websites, we make sure that our searchable keywords are used as text instead of creatively adding them into an image. Google cannot read past Flash images, photos and videos; so if you need to be visible, help Google read you.

Too much of everything is never good

By this time, you would think that in order to achieve high ranking, a website should repeat the same keywords over and over all throughout the site. We strongly disagree. Keyword stuffing may lead to lower ranking; so make your content straight and concise.

Your links say more about your website

To advertise our website, we exchange links with other websites; but we do it under careful consideration. We choose sites which have related content with ours, and which have reputable rankings. The more credible sites we exchange with, the higher we go on Google ranking.

Diligence is a virtue

We are never complacent of how our websites look like. It actually helps us get updated when Google re-indexes sites regularly. It is post fresh content and information about 1-2 times a week.

Too much change will kill you

Although change is advised once Google re-indexes your site and to prove that your site is still active, too much change on your content, title and links may reset your ranking to scratch.

We cannot guarantee that after you read this, you’ll immediately land on the highest rank. It was difficult for us as well. However eventually, things will come through. All you just need are gallons of diligence and an endless supply of patience.

About the Author 

Rod Tolentino is a marketing consultant for Affilorama, an affiliate marketing portal. You can also check their affiliate marketing blog and affiliate marketing forum for more tips and information about affiliate marketing. They also offer, free affiliate marketing lessons for beginning and advance affiliates.






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video curation

One of the experiments that I have been doing since the past couple of months is on blog curation. Blog Curation was one of the easiest forms of producing and circulating content to your subscribers. The results have been pretty encouraging and that is where I decided to branch out to 3 other curated blogs.

The experiment in question was a blog named Before we get into the details of this site, let us first see what Curation is all about.

Content Curation – The Meaning

If you have heard about, then you should know something about curation. Almost all news sites on the internet are perfect examples of Curated sites.

Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. – wikipedia

So to put it in simple words, what it means is you spend some time to dig through the vast content available on the specific topic that you are writing about and find relevant content. Then you publish it in a more organized and systematic manner so that your readers enjoy reading it.

Website like made a fortune doing content curation. That made it a proven system that you could follow and all that you had to do was follow.

Blog Curation Case Study – Kidney Stones Site

Kidney Stones Site was an aged domain that I bought at Godaddy auctions. I got the domain for cheap and had blog curation in mind, all the time I was bidding on it.

In 10 days after posting about 4 articles, all curated content, I was able to get the site ranked on Google’s first page for some pretty tough and competitive keywords (I am not revealing the keywords for the sake of business secrecy, though I will do it in due course).

All I spent was some time identifying content. The tool that I used for Blog Curation pretty much did the rest including some basic keyword research.

===> You can check out PageOne Curator

My Earnings from this curated blog for the first month – $9.05 from Adsense (I never thought I will make even a penny)

Blog Curation Vs Video Curation

It was while I was doing this blog curation thing that another point stuck me. If I can curate articles, then why not videos. I have always been a huge advocate of video marketing and curating video excited me.

I started to browse through the internet to find some good softwares to curate videos, but couldn’t find one. I decided I will go at it manually.

After about 4 days into video curation, my channel has about 376 views, 11 subscribers, and a few comments. Clicks on the links that I had put up on the videos fetched me about $74.87 in sales. That was pretty impressive. (I will be sharing the Youtube channel details in my next post on curation)

I spent a lot of time doing this. Though it was interesting, I wanted something that could automate this entire thing.

It was at this point that Tim Buchalka launched the Ninja Curation Profits training. Though the training had little relevance to me, I decided I will buy it, primarily for the automated desktop software that came with it to curate videos.

I should say the content in the training was extremely good and informative and provided me with a different perspective of video curation.

I now have two parallel channels – one on my technique and the other one on Tim’s technique. I will post the stats in a months’ time from now so that we can compare the performance.

===You can check out Ninja Curation Profits

If you do not want to create unique content for your readers, yet want to provide them with fresh and informative content, curation is the way to go.

And Video Curation is almost 30 times better than blog curation.

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Earn online techniqueThis is a guest post by Mary on Online earning techniques.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Most people nowadays are busy looking for home-based online jobs and would want to know some earn online techniques where they could find the right online jobs for them.  As you may know, more online jobs have been offered in the web market everyday and each job offered has corresponding very attractive monetary compensation.  The only problem that you may encounter in looking for an online job for yourself is on how you can find the best employer and the right job.  To do this, you need to know some valuable ways on how you can be victorious in your search for the right online job for you.

Types of Online Jobs Offered

As the world goes high tech in every way, more and more jobs are being offered in the web market every day and many have been looking for the best earn online technique that they could find.  Both employers and employees have been busy searching for one another getting the most of what one has to offer.

There are several types of online jobs in the web market that you can choose from and the following are some of the many jobs that you could get for yourself.

One of the many best jobs online is the article writing.  In writing articles, there are many ways that you can do in order to maximize your income and this is one of the highly paid jobs in the online market.  Many employers would be after you if you provide quality articles and would be able to meet the requirements that are set by your employer.  The only hassle doing this job is on searching for the right words in order to make a wholesome and good article that corresponds correctly to the required keywords.  However, if you really love writing, then you will find joy in doing your articles no matter how difficult your topics could be.

Another online job that is in relation to the article writing job is the article spinning.  In this kind of online job, your task is to spin an existing article written by the article writers into several numbers of similar articles with same thoughts but never should have no copy pasted words.  This could be made easier if you have an article spinner system which most of the article spinners are using right now.

If you are not interested on article writing or article spinning jobs, you can easily look for other jobs that could suit your skills.  There are jobs such as the data entry, email handling, web designing, advertising, blogging, link buildings, search engine optimizing, and other new online jobs.  There are also other office jobs that can now be done online such as accounting, bookkeeping, and even teaching which can now be done online.

Some Valuable Techniques

Landing on an online job really needs some tough earn online techniques to know so that you can get the right online job for yourselfMany people who never get the right job that they want are those who usually search on the wrong sites and have no strategy on what best they should do.  Applying for a specific job online really needs some great techniques on how which could be a step by step one that you can follow to the dot.

The following valuable techniques used by some successful online workers could help you in some way to find what you like in an online job.

Knowing what you can do

There are some people who directly search for online jobs without following any earn online techniques and never know what they can really do.  When they get to be interviewed they directly fail because no employers would readily hire applicants who have no talents and skills for the kind of job they applied for.

Employers too would know who among the applicants are honest in telling their skills and talents and those who have lied.  If you are up the article writing job, you usually be asked for your sample works or either you will be given a test task before you will be hired.

Prepare the things that you need

The next needed thing in earn online techniques is for you to prepare the necessary things in the application process.  These necessary things may include the electronic copy of your resume or bio data, and needed profile picture to be uploaded.  You will also need to prepare several email addresses separate from your personal email addresses, which are intended for the online jobs alone.

Prepare your bank accounts

The most important thing in earn online techniques is that you should also prepare is your bank account which could be needed immediately.  Most online companies would readily ask for your preferred payment procedure where your salary will be channelled into.  There are several major companies online whose sole duty is to cater to both the needs of the employers and the employees.  It could be better if you affiliate yourself with them so that when you get to have your online job it would be easier for your employer on where he could pay you.

Know the right sites

In one of earn online techniques is for you to know what sites in the internet that you can apply for the online jobs that you want.  You will be able to know where the right sites could be through the word by mouth from those who have already been into the industry.  You may have some friends who are doing the article spinning jobs or other online jobs such as the data entry.  You may also affiliate into some major companies that cater to both the employers and employees which only have free registration.

Proper application processes

The most important among earn online techniques is on your technique on how you will do the processes of applying for the job that you like.  You can apply not only to one or two companies online but to as many companies that you can apply for within a day.  Never be dismayed to the rejections from the other companies that you have applied with just apply for more jobs that you know you can handle and manage well as possible.

If you are not good in article writing jobs then go apply for its counterpart which could be the article spinning jobs.  Never stop until some companies will hire you.  Even if the company that hires you offers not really handsome fee, never back out, you need to have a lot of experiences before you can do the high paying jobs and that matters most.

About the Author:

By Mary McIntyre of GPTreasure




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Facebook SecurityThis is a guest post by Kady on Facebook security.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Facebook wants to implement new security measurements of the website, as it was attacked numerous times. While users always complained about the security measurements and about the fact that any hacker with decent internet notions is able to hack a Facebook account, one of the most controversial measurements that are talked on forums and blogs is the obligation for the users to state their telephone numbers and personal details. While this might be considered as a violation of human rights, it seems like Mark Zuckerberg is determined to finish those problems once and for all, and this is one of the handiest methods.

Social Authentication

prevents spam

prevents hacking

Friend recognition with photos

The security mechanism that is about to be implemented is called Social Authentication. In order to prevent spam and to forbid foreign people from accessing the accounts of the users, the system will force those to recognize their friends, meaning that the system will show some photos of friends, asking the user to recognize them and to type their names.

On the other hand, even if so many people complain about the security level of Facebook, the officials of the network claim that 99.9 % of users never had security problems. However, if you detect a problem with your account, such as a log in California while you stay in Europe, you must report this violation, and the Facebook officials will determine if your account was compromised or not.

The decision came when the account of Mark Zuckerberg himself was hacked, and the page of Nicolas Sarkozy, the ex-president of France was also attacked.

New Security Partners for Facebook

Complete security measurements

Security software

Free Facebook antivirus

As the users insist for Facebook to increase the security measurements, the officials of the network announced a partnership with Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro and Symantec for offering complete security measurements for the users of the network. This way, the Facebook accounts will be protected with antivirus, spam protection and complete new software that is able to verify a large number of security features for every account.

Facebook also announced that those companies will often post important materials on their Facebook dedicated pages, offering increased security measurements and helping the Facebook users to keep their accounts in safe conditions. However, for the moment it seems like only Trend Micro was able to present a program that was accepted by Facebook.

Trend Micro allowed Facebook access to its new security cloud called Trend Micro Smart, a program that is able to block the suspect links and to stop the malware attacks before reaching the computers of the Facebook members.

What should you do?

Of course, you should also take care of your account, as leaving everything in the care of Facebook is not such a great idea. Remember that everything you post on Facebook will remain there for the rest of your digital life, unless you remove it, and think about who can see the things you post before posting them.

About the Author:

Kady Babs is a Certified Professional and freelance writer. At present attached with Test 4 This is Best Source for CCVP Certification Preparation Exams. You can try free demos of GIAC Certification Preparation with 100% Risk Free and Money Back Guaranteed. Babs has creative writing skills and helping people to get certified on first try.



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cloud hostingThis is a guest post by Biljana on Cloud hosting benefits.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Just a couple of years ago, most business owners did not understand what the term cloud computing meant. Now business owners have a better understanding about the principles of cloud hosting, but they are still unaware of the benefits that cloud hosting can offer to their businesses. Cloud computing has gained a lot of prominence migrating to the Cloud has become necessary for businesses for maintaining a competitive edge.

So, if you are thinking about migrating to the Cloud, then the cloud will benefit your business in the following five ways:

Greater Business Productivity

Do you spend hours and hours just to resolve IT problems? Once you migrate to the Cloud, you won’t have to worry about failing hard disks or jamming printers. In fact, with cloud hosting you will end up sparing more time to focus on your business and increase its productivity.

The businesses of today practically depend on computer networks and servers. Probably, you also spent a lot of money and time to set them, but what about the networking problems, which frequently get in the way of actual work? Although it can take time to choose and configure cloud applications, cloud hosting will spare you from these issues that hinder your business productivity

Greater Business Agility

The commercial world continues picking up pace with each passing day. When the burden of a vast array of computer hardware is being carried by a business, reacting to changes quickly can be hard. The need to shift a business location can arise at any moment and businesses that can quickly move to the new location are at a considerable competitive advantage.

This is another advantage that Cloud hosting offers. Reacting to changes in situations will become a lot easier for you if you are running your business merely with an internet connection, laptop and mobile phone. If you start using cloud hosting for all your business systems, you won’t face problems in shifting your business to another ideal location if the need arises.

Easy Access to Business Data

Another benefit that cloud software will offer your business is that you will be able to access your business data and applications simply via the internet. You will be able to access all your key systems easily, whether you are in a coffee shop, at home or on a train, as long as you have access to an internet connection.

Sharing Business Information

In a cloud computing environment, you will find it a lot easier to collaborate with your clients, partners and others in your business. Collaborating, sharing business information and working together will become very easy in a cloud computing environment.

Better Security

No matter how sensitive your business information might be, storing them in a cloud server than keeping it in an office is a lot safer. If your sensitive business information is stored in desktop computers in your office, there is always the risk of losing the data as a result of computer failure or theft. One of the things that cloud hosting providers guarantee is that your data will never be lost or stolen, so you have nothing to worry about.

So you see that the Cloud will offer unmatched value to your business. So, make the smart choice of migrating to the Cloud and allow your business to run smarter.

About the Author:

Biljana is a tech writer and a blogger, exploring the use of cloud services and virtual machine solutions for better business performance.

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affiliate-marketingThis is a guest post by Kristie on Affiliate Marketing.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Many affiliate marketers work from home or work in small offices where they only interact with other company employees. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and is really just a natural consequence of conducting business through the internet. However, there are some who would argue that a greater connection needs to be made between affiliate marketers and the businesses they promote.

If you work for an affiliate marketing company, or if you work independently, it may make good business sense to start creating deeper relationships with the institutions you advertise for. A deeper relationship will help make communication easier and streamline the exchange of marketing ideas and concerns. Having a personal connection also builds trust and a better understanding between both parties.

What are some good ways to create a connection? Due to the limitations of company policy and location, there are only a few ways affiliate marketers can get to know the companies they work for. This is actually a good thing, though, because it simplifies the process.

There are three online tools affiliate marketers can use to create relationships; regular email exchanges, Skype meetings and company newsletters.

Through regular email exchanges, marketers are given the opportunity to create a dialogue with the businesses they are representing. This keeps the door open in terms of idea exchange and question/answer discussions. In the end, regular email discussions decrease the number of misunderstandings and errors and leave a paper trail to back up your work and decisions.

Monthly Skype meetings give you the opportunity to actually meet some of the employees of the businesses you advertise for. This is truly the best way to create a connection, because everyone will be able to put a face to a name and see one another as actual human beings. Although this may sound cliché, there is no substitute for an old-fashioned face-to-face meeting. Skype is the perfect tool for meeting business partners in other locales and can actually bring more meaning to your job by creating a more tangible experience.

If the business allows, ask if you can be put on their mailing list to receive company newsletters. This will allow you to learn more about the company’s practices, services and financial goals. Justify your request by saying that the information will help you better understand the company and, therefore, aid you in promoting their services.

To promote your business relationships, find one point of contact that promises to be your go-to person for all questions and concerns. Also, create a newsletter of your own that can be disseminated to anyone interested in knowing about your marketing projects for the business.

Lastly, don’t forget to use old-fashioned cordiality when necessary. For example, if the business gives you a performance bonus, always send a handwritten thank you note and some sort of office-appropriate gift. If possible, send holiday cards to each company, as well, thanking them for their business and wishing them a happy new year.

About the Author:

An expert in the construction industry, freelance writer Kristie Lewis offers tips and advice on choosing the best construction management colleges. She welcomes any questions and comments you might have at [email protected]





Affiliate Marketing

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SEO article writing

This is a guest post by Shirley on SEO article writing.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

SEO the term that everyone, but no one, tends to really understand. Unless they are an IT whizz or even an SEO specialist maybe. So let us start from the beginning. What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and translates casually to improving your sites rankings in search engine results, increasing the popularity and traffic to your site and, ultimately, increasing your business or site prospects.

There are a number of ways to increase your visibility on search engine results, one of them being keywords. Keywords, that are relevant to the site and content, will result in your site be highlighted by search engines when people search for them online.

Then there are links; these are a hyperlink which directs traffic to your site in one click. These are usually associated with keywords as ‘Click Here’ doesn’t really have the same effect in enticing readers.

These keywords and links are often found in SEO articles. SEO articles are articles (funnily enough), designed to target specific audiences with the use of these keywords and links which will point the reader towards a specific site and direct traffic. Or in other words, they are there to encourage and ask you to visit their website.

Blogging, online media and magazines are increasingly popular and SEO professionals and businesses are changing the way they optimise their services and sites to keep up with our fast paced virtual world. Articles are promotional campaigns; practical and informative whilst advertisements in their selves.

If articles are the way forward – how does it work? Well, these articles are there to, not only promote the site and to ‘get people talking about them’, but also to increase word of mouth conversation. In order to ensure your hitting the spot with an article, there is a necessity for tact.

For starters, the reader needs to be interested or they will just click by without a second glance. As well as that, the article needs to be relevant to what your site is about; otherwise, what’s the point? Okay, so someone may wonder over to your site by brief recommendation but if the destination is not what the article raved about, they won’t be there long. Then there are the keywords. What are keywords and which are relevant to your website? That is to be determined depending on what your site is, who you are looking to attract and what you can offer.

There are professional copywriters a business or site owner can employ, with just a few clicks or a mouse, for SEO article writing. Professional services can be one off articles or a regular service that keeps the search engines interested in your site and traffic heading in your direction. Outsourcing SEO article writing can have even more advantages, reaching a wider audience, if you choose the right service: submitting your articles to popular sites themselves and therefore further optimising your site.

You can also tell the writer what to write, and they will do the research on your site to make sure you get an article you are happy with as well as one that will do its SEO thing.

About the Author:

Shirley Jones is a freelance writer. A keen reader, and inspired by the authors of fiction, Rachel is an up and coming author. She has expertise in SEO article writing and engaging pieces of content produced by her make clients happy and user visit their website more and more.

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Simple Mobile Pro Product reviewA product that was recently launched at the Warrior Forum was Simple Mobile Pro by Dan Lew. It was out of curiosity as to what could be “Simple” and “Mobile”, I thought I will check out this product.

Dan Lew is a very respectable marketer and his earlier launches have all been extremely good products. Unlike most other internet marketing GURUS who prefer hundred dollar launches, when actually the product will not even be worth a few bucks, Dan has always launched most of his products at the warrior forum and that too as dime sales.

Simple Mobile Pro, hence had to be a good product, given the reputation of the marketer.

After I bought Simple Mobile Pro and went about the course and softwares, I was extremely impressed with what was included in the package.

The product was a recommended one for people who preferred offline marketing. Even for people who are at the point of beginning their internet marketing career, Simple Mobile Pro was a recommended product.

The package was complete with whatever is required to start an offline mobile marketing business.

Simple Mobile Pro Review Videos

I did a series of videos promoting the product and its features, which are added below. I hope these will serve as valuable information to you.


If you are interested in seeing a video of Simple Mobile Pro review, check out this video.


For details on the bonuses available with Simple Mobile Pro Bonus package, see this video.


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link spamThis is a guest post by Michal on Link spams.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

1) They will never catch every paid link, but the Google algorithm and robots are all programmatically operated and so are predisposed to recognise bulk buying/selling.  Links that come from the same sources (even if they are mixed frequently) will be identified and penalised.  When Google recognise a buying/selling pattern, they come down hard now all involved.

2) Fake blogs being used as a way to get links pointing to a site are hated by the Google admins.  They will take anywhere between two days and two months to pick up on them, but they always do.  If your blogs and guest posts are poor quality then it will be marked as blog spam and penalised.  Genuine posts will not bother about word count, so consider this if you are paying for blog posts.

3) Domain cleansing is where a website avoids losing ground through black hat SEO sanctions and redirects traffic from cleaner websites onto their spammed site.  So instead of cleaning up their spam, they simply redirect traffic.  Redirecting is an easy misdeed to catch.

4) Poor quality article spam is not as guarded against as blogging spam, but it is still under the microscope.  Article spam links are routinely scanned for; searching for things such as poor grammar, spelling and sentence syntax.  If you are buying cheap articles, then their links to your website may buy you a ranking penalisation.

5) Web 2.0 Blogs are infused with links within a social media platform.  Again the links are seated within what could be sloppy editorial and creative work, which exists for no other reason than to link to other sites.  They are never usually updated or attract much attention, so will tend to die off organically.

6) Putting links in the footer is a cheeky little bit of link spam and Google have come down on it like a ton of bricks because of how many times people have gotten away with it.

7) Links from social bookmarking and sharing sites have no real value.  The goal of social networking within marketing is to enhance and promote an image.  Social media links will not produce ranking points and are often lost in the sea of social media chatter.

8) Link wheels are a little more difficult for Google to catch, as it often involves a few websites linking to another, whom link to another (in a circular fashion), which means that catching people linking and back linking through the same sites is harder to catch.  On the downside, if one site is flagged as a link spammer, then it has the potential to bring down all the others connected to it.

9) Low quality press syndication is a medium through which to spam links, however its editorial guidelines and proclivity towards not getting indexed via Google will often scare off most spammers.

10) Linkbait will create genuine credible links towards a piece of interesting news.  This is then turned to spam when this highly Google rated web page with hundreds of links is replaced by a financially beneficial web page.

11) A link directory with no real value is going to be devalued by Google to the point where if you are adding your URL to an unrelated directory, then it will probably cause you more harm than good in your manual link building strategy.

12) Link farms and link networks are easy to spot as they will use the same websites and web strategies to link to the buying party.  The more customers the link farms get then the higher the chances of detection, at which point all of the link farms customers suffer whilst the link farm owner walks off with the cash and sets up shop elsewhere.

13) Buying domains will allow you to siphon off the traffic it still draws and the rank credit it has built up through being around a long time, but as a long term strategy it is pretty flimsy.  It is a poor Website Optimisation choice.

14) Forum spam will simply kill the forum.  As soon as the link spammers move in, the chatter stops and the Google rating plummets.

15) Profile spam is harder to isolate and remove, but takes so much time and maintenance that legitimate Website Optimisation and manual link building efforts would pay off better than the time spent profile link spamming.  Many sites are also catching on to the fact that many profiles pointing to one place is very suspicious.

16) Comment spam is similar to forum spam, except for that the poster is usually removed or banned from the site, or the comments are simply deleted.  On occasions where this does not happen, then the comment sections quickly become crowded with link spam and simply die off.

17) Image spam is where links are placed on pictures which are indexed, so that they are clicked and then redirect elsewhere.  Ironically this is such an annoying link spam method that the damage to a websites reputation is often far more severe than any gain the link may have hoped to achieve.

About the Author:

Michal Jorge has spent his career as a program tester who has spent the last few years picking apart the Google algorithm and has gained a good idea in Website Optimisation and on manual link building. He is often many companies first port of call when Google update.

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marketing blog through social-mediaThis is a guest post by Mary on Social media marketing.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

You know you have an amazing idea that the world will flock to once they see it, so you finally took the plunge and created a fantastic, informative blog that really gets to the heart of what you can do and absolutely no one is reading it.

If this sounds familiar to you, don’t panic – you’re not even close to being alone. Way too many people seem to have this Field of Dreams-like mentality when it comes to blogging about their product or service online: if I build it, they will come.

However, if people stopped to think about that expectation for more than a few seconds, they would realize how unrealistic it is.

The internet is an ever-expanding ocean of sites, and even if you write the best blog ever on carpet cleaning, pilates, or building robotic dogs, people have to find it before you’ll be recognized for the genius you are, and then the business will take off. But how?

Traditional marketing was a pay-for-play model. You buy space in a newspaper, magazine, or on a billboard, and time on the radio or television. The internet allows you to advertise in these ways, too, but often people see this type of online advertising as an invasion more than in the real world. Plus, it costs money, which most startups tend to be light on.

Thank god for social media. Not only is it a completely free way to market your posts and drive eyes to your blog, it takes advantage of that other great innovation of the internet: personal connection.

By creating accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and hundreds of others, you can build a following and personally interact with your “friends” and “fans” so that they feel like they know you and develop a relationship. If you manage your account correctly and refrain from spamming your followers with advertisements, they’ll want to read when you post links and excerpts from blogs because they’ll have an invested interest in you.

Even better, posting something on social media sites makes it extremely easy for people to pass it on to their friends if they like it by “sharing” it. Literally one person can read your post and make it snowball into massive popularity by telling their friends to read it, who in turn tell their friends. You can also encourage this for direct blog readers by including “share” and “like” buttons on your actual blog page so that people have the ability to automatically tell others they like your work with a single button click.

Just as useful is the ability to automatically update whenever you post a new blog through programs like HootSuite. The second the post goes up, the program automatically posts a blurb to Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts, usually with a title and possibly a line or two of content to whet people’s appetite for whatever you’re writing about.

The beauty about social media – and the internet in general – is that snowball effect. No one merely builds something and has people flock to it automatically. An audience has to be cultivated. By using social media as a startup, you can make your fans feel like they are part of discovering something and making it successful by recommending your blog to friends. They can see the power they have in watching your numbers grow, and you have the ability to call them out directly and recognize them for their help, increasing this sense of connection.

So, in the end, perhaps Field of Dreams isn’t the worst model to follow online. The difference when you are using a digital playground like the internet is that the “it” in question isn’t a physical structure – or in this case a digital one like your blog. “It” refers to building a relationship and a rapport with your intended audience. With building a network of fans who appreciate what you do so much that they are eager to tell the world about you. Build that and your marketing will be done for you.

About the Author:

When Mary isn’t busy reviewing promotions marketing approaches from Marketing Resources,  she is covering a wide range of marketing topics to keep her readers in the loop! Outside of work, she is an avid reader and enjoys spending time on the lakefront!


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